Franklin-Hermeneutics Class Notes Gbk

Franklin-Hermeneutics Class Notes Gbk by Al Franklin, Franklin-Hermeneutics-Class-Notes.gbk_.twm (183.0 KiB) - These are Al Franklin Hermeneutics Class Notes for Hermeneutics from Shasta Bible College

Gunn-Christocentric Principle Of Hermeneutics Gbk

Gunn-Christocentric Principle Of Hermeneutics Gbk by George Gunn, Gunn-Christocentric-Principle-of-Hermeneutics.gbk_.twm (115.0 KiB) - Gunn-Christocentric Principle of Hermeneutics is a short theology paper on the Gunn-Christocentric Principle of Hermeneutics as seen in Luke 24:27.
This is a short treatise.
Table of Contents
1. Contextual Setting
2. Geographical Considerations
3. Canonical Divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
4. Progression of the Passage