Copeland-M-Sermons on Romans

Copeland-M-Sermons on Romans by Copeland, Mark, Version 1, copeland-m-sermons-on-romanssermonschurchofchrist.gbk_.twm (194.0 KiB) - Table Of Contents
Called To Be Saints (1:7) 3
Finding A Way In The Will Of God (1:10) 7
Not Ashamed Of The Gospel (1:14-17) 9
The Wrath Of God (1:18-32) 12
The Goodness Of God (2:4-11) 15
The Righteousness Of God Revealed (3:21-31) 17
Shall We Continue In Sin? (6:1-23) 20
God’s Gift Of Eternal Life (6:22-23) 23
Do Not Be Conformed To This World (12:1-2) 26
Be Transformed (12:1-2) 29
Finding Our Function In The Body (12:3-8) 33
A Love That Can Hate (12:9-10) 36
An Exhortation To Diligent Service (12:11) 39
The Key To A Joyful, Productive Life (12:12) 42
Benevolence To Saints And Strangers (12:13) 45
To Bless And Curse Not (12:14) 48
The Empathetic Christian (12:15) 51
The Renewed Mind (12:16) 54
Responding To Evil (12:17-21) 57
The Christian’s Duty To Government (13:1-7) 60
Indebted To Love (13:8-10) 63
It’s Time To Wake Up! (13:11-14) 65
Admonitions To Strong And Weak Brethren (14:1-15:7) 68
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Bonar-A-Articles and sermons

Bonar-A-Articles and sermons by Bonar, Andrew, Version 1, bonar-a-articles-and-sermonssermonspresbyterian.gbk_.twm (1.5 MiB) - This module is made up of 54 articles and sermons of Andrew Bonar.
--> Contents <--- DCox
A sermon to children.
All Spiritual Blessings
Angel Workers
Bless the Lord, O my soul!
Christ's Silence (1).
Christ's Silence (2).
Christ's Silence (3).
Closing address on Communion Sabbath, January 27, 1889.
Coming to Christ
Cravings of the Conscience Satisfied
First-fruits of the Resurrection.
Love of the Father
Mercy Seat
How faith receives Christ.
Indwelling sin.
Jonathan and his Armour-bearer.
Kept by the power of God.
Leaning on the Beloved.
Meeting as a congregation.
Onesiphorus: The New Testament Ebedmelech.
Palestine for the Young - The Tribe of Levi
Paul's fifteen days' visit to Peter.
Psalm 13.
Psalm 77.
Singing before suffering.
The Altar of Abraham
The Brethren of the Lord
The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life - The life defined G
The City of Refuge.
The Cup of Wrath
The Dialectic of Life and its Origin
The Fear Nots of the Old and New Testament.
The Holy Spirit convincing.
The Hope of the Lord's Return.
The Jewish People
The Leper drawing forth the Saviour's Grace.
The Love of the Father.
The Man who lent Christ the Upper Room.
The Mercy Seat
The napkin about Christ's Head.
The Pins of the Tabernacle.
The resurrection of the Son of the Widow of Sarepta.
The Scapegoat.
The Three Ananiases.
The Trial of Faith.
'The Value of a Thought'
The Word brought nigh to the sorrowful
What gives assurance.