Grace Gems Devotional for 2000 A.D.

This is a devotional by Anne Dutton.

This is a devotional by Anne Dutton.

(Anne Dutton’s Letters on Spiritual Subjects <>)

Sample devotional:
Glad for crumbs of mercy

Never was a poor sinner more unworthy of favor
from God or His people than myself. I deserve not
a name and a place among God’s children, but am
as vile as a dog, and would be glad for crumbs of
mercy that fall from the children’s table. But such
is the free grace of God towards me, through the
slain Lamb, that He deals with me as a child—a
dear child—and feasts me as a prince with Him
according to the royalty, the dignity of His own
infinite state.

If salvation in all its parts were not all of grace, it
would not suit such a wretched, miserable sinner as
I am. But oh, blessed be God, there is salvation to
be had of the freest grace—of grace in which there
is no scantiness—but an immense and eternal fullness
to fill my needy soul, through all time and to eternity!

And glad am I, under all my sins, miseries and needs,
to live under the reign of grace—of this grace which
reigns through righteousness, unto eternal life, by
Jesus Christ my Lord!

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