Wolston W.T.P. – Seekers for Light

Seekers for Light
W.T.P. Wolston

A Fisherman’s Discovery
Truth — What is it?
A Publican’s Guest
A Ruler’s Difficulty
A Thief’s Confession
Grace — What is it?
A Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Dilemma
Eternal Life- How to get it
A Soldier’s Desire
Faith — What is it?
A Jailor’s Enquiry
A Rich Man’s Perplexity
A Prisoner and a King
“No Man Can Serve Two Masters”

Wolston, W T P  - Seekers For Light
Wolston, W T P - Seekers For Light
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Seven Marks of a Good Sermon
quote from article - "A good sermon has a "take-away" thought(s), and this is what we should leave the building with to change our lives spiritually to make us more like Christ. If a sermon teaches me how to be like Christ, with an application of the information about the Bible in it, and an exhortation to my soul to change, then it probably is a good sermon. But the preacher who has lost the point of every preaching exercise HAS TO HAVE the purpose to spiritually change the lives of the audience, is not a good preacher nor does he produce good sermons."