Thompson Holy Comforter His Work His Person

Thompson Holy Comforter His Person and His Work

The Holy Comforter : His person and His work is a twelve chapter work by Congregationalist Joseph Thompson. HE examines elements of the Bible’s Teaching on the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Comforter : His person and His work is a twelve chapter work by Congregationalist Joseph Thompson. HE examines elements of the Bible’s Teaching on the Holy Spirit.

Thompson-Holy Comforter

NEW YORK: ANSON D. F. RANDOLPH, No. 770 Broadway. 1866.
Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866, BY ANSON D. F. RANDOLPH, In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern District of New York. NEW YORK: E. O. JENKINS, STEREOTYPER AND PRINTER, 20 NORTH WILLIAM ST.

CONTENTS Thompson Holy Comforter His Person and His Work

CHAPTER I. THE NAMES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Paraclete, 7.-The Spirit of Truth, 12.-The Spirit of Grace, 16.
CHAPTER II. THE HOLY SPIRIT A DIVINE PERSON. Of the Personal Pronoun, 18.-Of Personal Offices and Acts, 25. The Spirit a Divine Personality, 31.
CHAPTER III. THE SPIRIT IN HIS RELATIONS TO THE TRUTH. The Spirit in the Written Word, 36.-Inspiration of the Apostles, 43. —Revelation and Inspiration, 4$.-The Truth a LifePower, 52.-The Spirit in Preaching, 54.-Pyrotechnics not Power, 61.-Preaching not Infallible, 63.-Preaching to be Practical, 64.
CHAPTER IV. THE COMFORTER ALSO A REPROVER. His Coming to the World, 68.-The Work of Conviction, 73.His Reproof Infallible and Irresistible, 77.
CHAPTER V. SIN AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST. Of Grieving and Resisting the Holy Spirit, 82.-The Unpardonable Sin, 85.-The Warning of Christ, 89.
CHAPTER VI. THE SPIRIT AS LIFE. Seen in the Hebrew Prophets, 93.-The Soul in Spiritual Death, 95.-Life not Self-Originated, 99-Truth Alone will not give Life, 102.-The Divine Quickening, 104. —Methods of the Spirit’s Operation, 108.
CHAPTER VII. THE HOLY GHOST AS DYNAMIC POWER. The Working-Energy of Believers, 114.-The Silence of Divine Forces, 116.
CHAPTER VIII. THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A PLENARY PRESENCE. The Pentecost his Advent, 121.-Miracles not the Highest Gifts, 124.-The Spirit has Already Come, 180.-The Holy Spirit in Revivals, 136.-Of Extraordinary Manifestations, 140.-A Difficulty Relieved, 141.
CHAPTER IX. THE TEMPLE OF THE SPIRIT. He Dwells in the Church, 144.-Every Christian a Temple, 149 Neither Pantheistic nor Mystical, 151.-Analogy of the Temple, 155.-Tokens of the Spirit’s Indwelling, 163.-The Glory of this Indwelling, 167.
CHAPTER X. THE TRINITY MANIFESTED BY THE SPIRIT. The Baptismal Consecration, 172.-The Trinity of the New Testament, 178 —The Unity of God, 181.-The Tri-Personality, 18. —The Facts the Basis of Faith, 194.
Man’s Need of the Father, 197.-Man’s Need of the Son, 200.Man’s Need of the Spirit, 202.-Tho Trine-Redemption the Most Glorious Manifestation of God, 204.-Man Ennobled by this Redemption, 208.

Notes on the Holy Spirit - His Works

We see a focus on the biblical material about the Holy Spirit in the following general areas:

  • The Works of the Holy Spirit
  • The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • The Deity of the Holy Spirit
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit's Works

  • The Holy Spirit participated in Creation.
  • The Holy Spirit convinces of sin, justice, and judgment.
  • Calling of the Believer
  • Regeneration of the Believer (Bavinck)
  • Indwelling (Murray)
  • The Spirit of Christ (Murray)
  • Making Believer Holy
  • Convincing of Sin

Note by Editor: David Cox

When speaking of the works of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit is active in the salvation of a person's soul. His activity comes in the form of a general conviction of sin which goes on constantly between every human and his Lord God. But in the "coming of a soul to Christ", the reformed/Presbyterian view is that a person does not do anything within his own self to get saved, yea, it is impossible for him to do anything such as faith, repentance, remorse, etc. 

The reformed view is that the Holy Spirit regenerates that person's soul "with irresistible grace" to make him have at a later point, saving faith. The order is very distinctive of Calvinism, regeneration has to happen by the Holy Spirit BEFORE a person is saved, not after.

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Notes on the Holy Spirit - His Person

We see a focus on the biblical material about the Holy Spirit in the following general areas:

  • The Works of the Holy Spirit
  • The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • The Deity of the Holy Spirit
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit's Person

  • The Holy Spirit is fully God.
  • The Holy Spirit is different from God the Father and God the Son in his Personality.
  • The Holy Spirit is different from God the Father and God the Son in his Operation, Method, and Tasks.
  • The Holy Spirit has the traits of a person just as God the Father, Jesus, or any of us.

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