Brockett-Riches of Holiness is a personal account of Brockett's spiritual life and search for holiness and sanctification.

Brockett – Riches of Holiness

Brockett-Riches of Holiness is a personal account of Brockett’s spiritual life and search for holiness and sanctification.

Brockett-Riches of Holiness is a personal account of Brochett’s spiritual life and search for holiness and sanctification.


BY HENRY E. BROCKETT (Author also of “Scriptural Freedom from Sin”)

Spiritual Awakening and Declension Spiritual Restoration The First World War (Early Experiences) The Call To Holiness The Crisis For Entire Sanctification The Inflow of the Spirit The Outflow of the Spirit The First World War (Final Experiences) SoulSaving Service Holiness and the Blood of Christ True Holiness. What I Believe Holiness and Bearing the Cross The Second World War The Story of “Scriptural Freedom From Sin” Three Views of Pentecost The

True Riches The Way into the Blessing

Table of Contents

1. Spiritual Awakening
2. Spiritual Declension
3. Spiritual Restoration
4. My First Soul for Christ
5. The First World War (Early Experiences)
6. Spiritual Life in the War
7. The Call to Holiness
8. My Need of a Personal Pentecost

LEBANON MISSIONARY BIBLE COLLEGE, BERWICK-ON-TWEED This book is a witness to, and an exposition of, full salvation. Those of us who were privileged in being cradled in this great doctrine of scriptural holiness, a expounded by John Wesley and later by such saints and scholars as Samuel Chadwick and Oswald Chambers, find it difficult to realize the effect of such teaching upon those whose religious background has lacked this emphasis. We trust that many such will read and ponder over this sincere testimony from one to whom both the doctrine and experience came as such a revelation. Dr. Newton Flew in his great work, The Idea of Perfection, after examining the written testimonies of I scores of early Methodists, came to certain conclusions in relation to entire sanctification. These were: — 1. “The attainment is the gift of God, just as the entrance on the Christian life (conversion) is His work.” 2. “The entrance on this larger experience is instantaneous, i.e., it is given in a moment and can be dated.” 3. “There is a process of struggle and quest leading to the decisive moment.” 4. “There is full consciousness of the need for progress in love and growth in the spiritual life All these four points are clearly illustrated in the testimony recorded in this volume.

We rejoice in the experimental note. In true humility of spirit and yet with plainness of speech, witness is borne to an experience that not only revolutionizes an already Christian life, but one which has had continuous and abiding fruits. It is significant that the experience recorded came to our brother, not in an atmosphere of a spiritual hothouse, but while facing the grim and sordid realities of life in the trenches in the first world war.
Through the years it has proved its worth, yet has not been allowed to harden into some rigid formula. Fresh interpretations and deeper understanding of the experience have come later. That is as it should be.

Brockett-Richaes Of Holiness
Brockett-Richaes Of Holiness
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