Liberal Authors

Liberal Authors

AIM (Affiliation Index Module)

This work is an index or registry of all works by Liberal Authors in our library. It is organized by author last name. Additionally there is material on the general area of Liberal, as well as pertinent doctrinal observations about this group. Some authors and/or works  have more detailed information about them. The theologically opposite of “liberal” is “fundamental” or “Fundamentalist”. This is a strictness to the teachings of God’s Word without being liberal (i.e. liberal means to easily “give up”). We Fundamentalists are “stingy” when it comes to giving up the core teachings of God’s Word and the concept is “Fighting Fundamentalists” which fight to maintain a biblical (and God approved) stance on the issues, Christian Life, and doctrine as well as practicing separation from those who are liberal in their “giving up God’s teachings” in order to “get along with people” (mostly get along with their leader the Devil).

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This is a registry listing of all our authors in this group, along with Biographical data, complete listing of their works (as I can find it on the Internet), and additional material on the general group. I seek to define the general group’s teachings, beliefs, and doctrines, as well as identify subgroups within this main group, such as Episcopalians as a part of Anglicanism. Note: The purchase link below will only buy you the AIM, described above. No other actual modules are included in this purchase.


Note: Below is a listing of all our Anglican works in our library (free or premium). This list only links to the post here on our website. Below that is a purchase listing of premium modules for purchase, which is a quick purchase option for quickly purchasing all or any of the modules in this group.

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Below  is a listing of all Liberal Authors in the library.

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