News May 2018

Update on what I am working on in the website News May 2018 News May 2018

I am reworking the website, and I am adding links to more works by the same author, as well as more links to the same category or tag group, tag group clouds which are tags that are related to a central core theme, whatever the work is centered on, and also links to off-site works that are in the same general idea of the work.

We are working on pushing out a lot of works over this summer. I had some reverses on the website over the past years and lost all the download connections at one point. I am recuperating from this

I will begin to work on the Topics in the upcoming days. I want to work these up, and when a person loads a particular work, I want the right-hand sidebar to have similar works. Right now I am putting links in the actual post, but I want the topics group in the right sidebar.

I also will soon remove the author index which comes after the post at the moment. I am still waiting to see how the left sidebar is working with the topics there.

I  am also going through all the old posts and redoing them according to SEO rules so that all our posts will have good SEO principles in them.


How to make your own theWord module is a walk through on theWord module creation. With this help, you can make your own modules.