Aman- Cross and Crown of Holiness

Aman wrote Cross and Crown of Holiness 10 chapters which is an overview of Holiness.

Aman wrote Cross and Crown of Holiness 10 chapters which is an overview of Holiness.

By Rev. Wayne C. Aman
Digital Edition 03/18/94
By Holiness Data Ministry

CONTENTS of Aman- Cross and Crown of Holiness

1. The Reality of Holiness
2. The Provisions of Holiness
3. The Completeness of Holiness
4. The Offering of Holiness
5. The Covenant of Holiness
6. The Way of Holiness
7. The Cross of Holiness
8. A Life of Holiness
9. The Glory of Holiness
10. The Crown of Holiness


To my six children, Pete, Joe, Sue, Terry, Gary, and Lisa, I dedicate this booklet. I cannot leave them a legacy of earthly things. I can leave them the memory of a father who was saved by grace from a life of sin, sanctified through the Divine offering for sin, and enabled to live a life of holiness before them by the grace of God.


On the cover of this book in its printed form is a mountain scene. Taken some distance from the peak, one sees evergreen forested slopes leading up toward a crowning summit which dominates the landscape. On page one, the author relates why he chose this picture for the cover:

“We chose this picture of Cinnebar Mountain, in Owyhee County of southern Idaho as the cover for this booklet. It is familiar country to the writer, as I spent a number of years in this vast area working as a cowboy on various ranches. In September 1952, I was saved from all sin after months of seeking for deliverance. For years I had never been in a church, yet the Holy Ghost found me and led me to my Saviour. It was while riding home to the ranch on a trail high on this mountain that Christ forgave the sin of this unworthy sinner. To him be all honor, praise, and glory!” –Wayne C. Aman

* * * * * * *


I offer the truth of this little book without apology. Errors and defects are mine, in my human manner of presenting its truths. I am not an author of books but write to present vital scriptural truth that may help someone find “this grace wherein we stand.” Most others could do better, but because we see many publications on theories of the social gospel and so few on the truth of Holiness, I confess I must do what I can to tell this generation that they may still drink from the Upper and Nether Springs of Canaan Land, and eat from the Honeycomb.

Brethren let us not let the witness of such wonderful grace be quenched by shallow, easy-believism theories that never changes the heart nor even the head. There still remaineth a rest for the people of God. Hallelujah!

Wayne C. Aman


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