Gray, James – Prophecy and the Lord’s Return

Prophecy and the Lord’s Return by James Gray is a work on prophecy specifically the Rapture and Second Coming.

Gray, James – Prophecy and the Lord’s Return

Gray, James – Prophecy and the Lord’s Return


Title Page
Explanatory Note

Part I: New Testament Themes
—–What is Meant by the Second Coming of Christ
—–When, and Why Christ Will Come a Second Time, or the Earthly Events Associated With His …
—–The Translation of the Church—An Exposition of 1 Thess. 4:13-18
—–The Second Coming of Christ a Motive for Holiness
—–The Second Coming of Christ and Christian Service—An Exposition of 2 Cor. 5:1-10
—–The Second Coming of Christ and the Doctrine of Rewards—An Exposition of Matt. 16:13-17:8

Part II: Old Testament Themes
—–The Witness of the Old Testament Prophets to the Coming Crisis
—–The Key to the Imprecatory Psalms
—–The Dream of History, or is the World Growing Better or Worse?—An Exposition of Daniel 2…
—–The Last World-Monarchy

About James Martin Gray
James M. Gray (1851-1935) was a Bible scholar, editor, and hymn writer, and the first president of Moody Bible Institute.

Gray was an early fundamentalist who upheld the inspiration of the Bible and opposed the contemporary trend toward a social gospel. Gray was also a dispensationalist who believed in the premillennialpre-tribulational return of Jesus Christ at the Rapture.

Dr. Gray was an early proponent of radio broadcasting as a means to teach the word, and also coedited the well-known Scofield Reference Bible.

Gray, James - Prophecy And The Lord's Return Gbk
Gray, James - Prophecy And The Lord's Return Gbk
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