Kulp, George – Departed Lord

Sermon 1: The Departed Lord
Sermon 2: Masters of Circumstances
Sermon 3: Gather Not My Soul with Sinners
Sermon 4: According to Works
Sermon 5: Thus Saith the Lord
Sermon 6: Practical Regeneration
Sermon 7: Having No Hope
Sermon 8: Purity and Power
Sermon 9: Be Ye Ready
Sermon 10: Wrath Revealed
Sermon 11: Lying to God
Sermon 12: The Second Death
Sermon 13: Dwell Deep
Sermon 14: Hell a Place and a State
Sermon 15: After This
Sermon 16: Three Wonderful Days

Kulp, George - Departed Lord Gbk
1.2 MiB
Author:Kulp, G.
Date:May 28, 2017


In this class, Using Two Different Versions in Verse Ref Tooltip, we walk you through how to put some extra power in the tooltip verse pop-up, showing a particular Bible version (English), or pass the mouse over the reference with the Alt or Control key for seeing other versions, such as Greek, Hebrew, another English version, extra. Super powerful, super easy.