Law, Henry – Gleanings from the Book of Life

Law examines the competition between the things of God versus the priorities of our world, and its system and mindset.

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Gleanings from the Book of Life

By Henry Law, 1877

Inattention to the ‘semblance of religion’ is not the failing of the present day. The Church and its affairs occupy large space in thoughts and writings and discourse. While luxury, love of pleasure, the pride of life and selfishness in all its multiple forms, as rank weeds, overrun the surface of society, they choke not lively interest in spiritual concerns. Notwithstanding the chilling blasts of infidelity, and the enervating malaria of superstition, zeal for ‘forms of devotion’ conspicuously holds its ground. This is no new conviction to the writer of the following pages. Long experience and extensive observation have often awakened the sorrowful lament, that, amid much laudable exertion in the cause of religion, the only remedy for sin is miserably neglected, and well-meaning men expend their energies in sowing chaff. He has heard many complaints of ministerial defect, but few acknowledgments that the main fault is pulpit shortcoming. He sees, that “Christ is All” in the scheme of Redemption, and therefore should be all in the messages of His ambassadors. Hence in former days he humbly strove to exhibit Christ as All in the pages of the Pentateuch. He concludes this work by selecting scattered passages to show that the same truth pervades the sacred volume.

Contents of Gleanings from the Book of Life

1. Angel of the Lord
2. Sun
3. Friend
4. Fountain
5. Dew
6. Refiner
7. Treasure
8. Freedom
9. Shepherd
10. Resurrection
11. Way
12. Truth
13. Life
14. Wisdom
15. Righteousness
16. Sanctification
17. Rock
18. Hope
19. Apostle
20. Example
21. Advocate
22. King
23. Root and Offspring of David
24. Alpha and Omega

More Works by Henry Law

Henry Law (1797 – 1884)

He was a prominent figure in the evangelical party of the Church of England in the early nineteenth century. A prolific practical teacher of the Scripture, he who wrote The Gospel in the Pentateuch, commentaries on the Psalms and many other excellent works. One piece is a collection of family prayers to be used morning and evening, each day of the week in family worship. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share with you those prayers for your personal and family use-my own prayer is that they will be a help and an encouragement to you in your own walk with our Lord.

Here is a quote from Law’s work on Genesis: “For three days Abraham journeyed towards the appointed mount. This was large opportunity for unbelief to whisper many a dissuading thought. This was long time for the father’s heart to ache. He looks on his child, and there is agony. He looks up to his God, and the agony melts into the calmness of unruffled peace. He turns to his child, and his foot would sincerely falter. He turns to his God, and the step is firm in resolute resolve.. Behold God’s wondrous way. His word is honored. Faith triumphs, and is honored too. It is tried, and by the trial is confirmed and expanded. The patriarch now begins a new life of heavenly joy. For the joy of Isaac born is nothing to the joy of Isaac restored. A giving God was love in the highest. A restoring God is love in higher heights.”


Law, Henry-Gleanings from the Book of Life
Law, Henry-Gleanings from the Book of Life
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