Newberry, Thomas – Types of Tabernacle-Temple

This is a book on the types found with the tabernacle and the temple.

Thomas Newberry

This is a book on the types found with the tabernacle and the temple.

01 Types of the Tabernacle
02 Types of the Temple

00.01 Biography of Thomas Newberry

Types of the Tabernacle
by Thomas Newberry

01.01 Introduction: Materials: Metals, Colours, Coverings.
01.02 Oil for the Light: Spices, Sweet Incense
01.03 God’s Holy Dwelling Place: Ark of Covenant
01.04 Propitiatory and the Cherubim: Table of Shewbread
01.05 The Lampstand
01.06 The Curtains of the Tabernacle
01.07 The Boards
01.08 The Bars
01.09 The Vail
01.10 The Brazen Altar
01.11 The Court of the Tabernacle
01.12 The Hangings of the Court
01.13 The Golden Altar of Incense
01.14 The Laver and its Foot
01.15 Directions for setting up the Tabernacle
01.16 The Tabernacle set up (The Overshadowing Cloud and the Indwelling Glory)

Types of the Temple
by Thomas Newberry

02.01 Introduction, God’s earthly dwelling-places
02.02 The temples of scripture
02.03 Preparations for the temple
02.04 The foundation platform
02.05 The measurements and structure
02.06 The stones of the temple
02.07 The woodwork and carvings
The overlaying and garnishing
02.08 The doors and vail
The cherubim
The ark of the covenant
02.09 Plate of the holy place and holiest of all
The altar of incense
The tables of shewbread
The golden lampstands
The golden and silver vessels
The two pillars
02.10 The brazen sea and lavers
The brazen altar and the sacrifices
The courts and gates
The holy portion of the land
The temple of Solomon filled with glory
02.11 Answers to questions

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