Plumer, William S. – Theology for the People

Biblical Doctrine, Plainly Stated

By William S. Plumer, 1875
1. Theology

2. Reason and Revelation

3. Divine Truth Excellent, though often Mysterious

4. Short Explanations of Some Terms

5. The Word of God

6. Names and Titles of God

7. The Attributes of God

8. The Trinity

9. Creation

10. Providence

11. Man a Sinner

12. Though man is a Sinner, yet he may be Saved

13. Christ the Son of God and the Son of Man

14. Christ the Mediator

15. Christ a Prophet, Priest, and King

16. The Glory of Christ in his Offices

17. Men must accept Christ and believe the Gospel

18. Repentance

19. A Change of Heart

20. Justification

21. Sanctification

22. Prayer

23. God’s Law

24. God’s Law—Second Table

25. A Profession of Religion

26. How Saints are kept

27. Death

28. The Resurrection

29. The Judgment

30. Heaven

31. Hell

32. How To Use The Bible



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