Words of Christ devotional

Words of Christ devotional

Words of Christ devotional

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Watch on the Tomb
Mat 27:61-66

Be sure of one thing: God will take the evil thoughts and actions of evil men and use them for his own glory. No better example is found here.

Take, to begin with, the reluctant Pontius Pilate. He really didn’t want to get involved in this religious dispute; none of Rome’s business, as he saw it. He only acted to put down a potential riot. So—the man being dead—what further involvement would he want? Rather than involve Roman authority in this matter—you fellows do it yourself. You seal the tomb. I’ll provide the soldiers, but you’re responsible for all this nonsense.

Do you see what God has done? He has taken the guilty conscience of Pilate and used it to provide more evidence of the Resurrection itself. For if Rome had sealed the tomb, the story about the soldiers being bribed might make sense.

But Rome didn’t. Israel did. So Christ’s enemies provide one more proof of his Resurrection.
Why are they here anyway? They’re worried about someone stealing the body. Now think about that: don’t you suppose they’re on the alert for trickery here? Do you think they didn’t make sure he was dead? Of course they did. That’s why they have now turned their attention to the body and the tomb. Your friends might lie for you—but Jesus’ enemies here testify on his behalf that he was indeed dead.

Pilate grants them all that they ask. All the power of the state, all the power of the religious authorities, will be used to secure this tomb so that Jesus of Nazareth will surely stay in it. Everything in human power was done to keep Jesus in the tomb. Fear that the disciples would steal the body? Not with a guard of soldiers around it; the disciples could muster but two swords, if they had the courage to use them. They didn’t.

Who is watching the watchers? The Pharisees, of course. Do you suppose they trusted the common soldier? The finest proof of the Resurrection is this: Jesus’ enemies knew exactly what he had prophesied about his Resurrection; they understood it clearly (though his disciples didn’t get it); they knew what they had to do to prevent any form of fraud—keep that body in the ground! They had all the power and authority necessary to do the job, and they were intelligent men doing it. They knew he was dead, and they were going to keep him that way.

Then came the dawn…

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