Balfour- Foundations of Belief: Study of Theology

Balfour was a politican who also wrote some on philosophy and on religious matters. In this work he examines the foundations of belief, and looks at it from a comparacion with naturalism, and then some reasons and then some causes of belief, and a (philosophical) foundation for belief.

Magie Advice to Youth

Magie Advice to Youth 15 Chapters about good spiritual advice to Youth like the power of habit, friendship-Its influence, Bible Honesty, Courtesy, Self-Control,etc.

anon-101 Reasons Proving Eternal Security

Reasons Proving Eternal Security is a brief 1 chapter work with 101 reasons proving eternal security. I have read through parts of this work, and some of them are hard to link as a reason for eternal security in my estimation. I reproduce this for your use.