Moody Men of the Bible

In Men of the Bible, Moody looks at Abraham’s life, his four surrenders, the Call of Moses, Naaman the Syrian, the Prophet Nehemiah, Herod and John and the Baptist, the man born blind, Joseph of Arimathea, and the penitent thief.

Murray Christian Armour Eph 6:10-18

Murray’s work, The Christian Armour, was written as Europe was in turmoil and war. He sees parallels between the world of his day (politically and the war perspective) and this passage of Scripture. Murray’s main focus in on the spiritual warfare. Note that this is an inspirational/motivational work that has a few verses each chapter, and the author launches into exhortations from them. This is not high expositional work then.

Morgan Spirit of God v2

In the Spirit of God by Pastor Morgan he divides the study of the Holy Spirit up into 7 sections: The Spirit of God, the Ideal Creation, the Spirit Prior to Pentecost, the Teaching of Christ concerning the Spirit, the Pentecostal Age, the Spirit in the Individual, and the Practical Application.