Shields, T. T. – The Papacy in the Light of Scriptures

“In the darkest hour the universe has ever seen, Jesus of Nazareth was King! I cannot be content with the acknowledgment that He is going to be King by and by. It is true that in a larger and fuller sense His Kingship shall be manifested, but He is even now the King. Yes, He is King now. He is seated on the right hand of the Majesty on high; all authority is His in Heaven and on earth. He is the King.”

Cox – Is the Pope the Vicar of Christ? No.

Is the Pope the Vicar of Christ? No. by David Cox is a tract explaining why the system of apostolic succession of the Popes is unbiblical and heresy. Topics: Doctrine of Apostolic Succession, Peter as the First Pope, The Authority of Tradition and the Father, the Apostolic Teaching, the Office of Apostle.

the-highway Roman Catholic archives

This theWord module is a whole lot of articles from website on Catholicism. 

Hislop – Two Babylons

Hislop Two Babylons is an extensive work on Roman Catholicism, showing their doctrines and practices.

Boettner – Roman Catholicism

Dr. Boettner’s careful and accurate review of Roman Catholic theology (Roman Catholicism) and his thorough and Biblical refutation of it has long been a masterpiece on the subject. The nineteen chapters cover every aspect of Romish belief and are presented here in five sections for the reader’s convenience. Combined with Hislop’s work, no more comprehensive review and exposure of the errors of Rome, their origin and their significance, exists in print.

Wade, Rick – Scripture and Tradition in the Early Church

Scripture and Tradition in the Early Church is a single chapter work by Wade ( with topics of Introduction: Evangelicals and Tradition, Losing the Past, How is it that we’ve become separated from our past? individualism, anti-traditionalism, The Free Church Tradition, Constantine, Tradition and Roman Catholicism, Apostolic Tradition, Tradition and Traditionalism, Rule of Faith, Scripture, Tradition, and the Church, Significance of the Tradition for Today, Conclusion.