Ryle – Coming Events and Present Duties

This work by Anglican Bishop JC Ryle, Coming Events and Present Duties, is a work that outlines somethings for Christians to be aware of concerning the return of our Lord, and some duties that we should be doing in relation to that. He deals with some signs of the Lord’s return also.

Younce, Max – I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Dr. Younce assembles all the pieces of the supernatural puzzle to present the clearest, dispensational view of Eschatology available for theWord.

Luginbill – Eschatology

Luginbill’s Eschatology Notes covers God’s plan for human history (Judgment, Restoration and replacement, God’s Plan – Jesus Christ, Things to Come, and God’s disposition of Satan), Tribulation, Seven Churches of Revelation, Tribulation’s first half, antichrist and his kingdom, the Great Tribulation, Armageddon and second Advent, last things.

Bellett, J.G. – Answers to Objections to the Rapture

Bellett’s Answers to Objections to the Rapture is a single volume work of about 22 pages (1800 words) in which he examines verses which people who object to the Rapture use in their arguments.

Unknown, John – Battle for your end time attitude

PRE-TRIBULATION PLANNING FOR A POST-TRIBULATION RAPTURE Unknown, John – Battle For Your End Time Attitude Gbk Unknown-John-Battle-for-your-end-time-attitude.gbk_.twm 0.7 MiB 77 Downloads Details Author:Unknown, John Category:Eschatalogy Date:December 2, 2017