Chafer – Grace

A study of the biblical doctrine of Grace. It is a quite extensive study on Grace, and his chapter divisions are the theme, salvation by grace, safe-keeping in grace, life under grace, kingdom teachings, contrasts between law and grace teachings, the law done away, the sabbath-a test question, Christ-the Believer’s sphere in Grace, conclusion.

Boettner – Efficacious Grace

In this 8 chapter work, Efficacious Grace, by Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian), he examines common (that being enjoyed by all people). He first looks to the Westminster Confession’s teaching, then the necessity of change, the inward change done by supernatural power, the effect produced in the soul, the sufficiency of Christ’s work — evangelicalism, the Arminian view of Universal Grace, No violation of Man’s free agency, and common Grace.

Plumer, William S. – Grace of Christ

Plumer’s work, the Grace of Christ, deals with various aspects of our salvation such as regeneration, justification, sanctification, and other issues related to these.