Bragg Angelology

Bragg Angelology Systematic Theology

Bragg Angelology Systematic Theology by E.C. Bragg (Trinity College) is a set of classes notes apparently on angels. He is brief but has good material. 

Bragg Angelology Systematic Theology by E.C. Bragg (Trinity College) is a set of classes notes apparently on angels. He is brief but has good material.

Bragg Angelology Systematic Theology


See Bragg Angelology page at Trinity College for sound recordings of these lectures.

Note that the table of contents does not exactly match the actual notes which I received.

Table of Contents of Bragg Angelology Systematic Theology

I. Angelology – Good and bad angels
The nature of angels
Definition of the name, “angel”
Origin of the angels
Nature of angels
The power of angels
The personality of angels
The sexlessness of angels
The state of angels
The employment of angels
As “ministering spirits unto the heirs of salvation.
Adoration and worship of God
They gave the Law to Israel
They are the executors of the wrath of God
They are the special messengers of the throne of God
The number and organization of angels
They are vast in number
The organization of angels
The abode of angels
Objections to the belief in angels
“They are beyond our experience.”
“They are unscientific.”

II. Satanology – “Satan and His angels”
The personality of Satan
Satan was created a person
Personal names are used of Him
Personal actions and functions are ascribed unto him
Satan is the most powerful created personage
The origin and fall of Satan
The work of Satan
The believer’s victory over Satan
The destiny of Satan

III. Demonology – Satan’s vast invisible kingdom on earth of fallen, personal agents used to influence mankind.
Unbelief in demons
The many times in the Bible their reality is taught
The many times Jesus contested demons
Some theories of the Origin of Demons
“The spirits of wicked men, now deceased.”
“They are the offspring of wicked angels marrying the daughters’ of men.”
The biblical teaching of their origin
The threefold activity of demons in men
Demon Obsession
Demon Oppression
Demon possession
Our victory over demon machinations

IV. The Psychology of Temptation


An angel is a messenger, which at times his work extends beyond just delivering a message to accomplishing a task or mission.

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Satan and Demons

Satan rebelled against God and dragged a third of the angels with him by his tail.

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