McRae Lectures on Satan

McRae Lectures on Satan

McRae Lectures on Satan is an 11 chapter work on the basic facts of Satan, sin, power of Satan and his demons, etc.

McRae Lectures on Satan is an 11 chapter work on the basic facts of Satan, sin, power of Satan and his demons, etc.

Table of Contents of Lectures on Satan

LECTURE I. The Existence of Satan 7
LECTURE II. The Personality of Satan 22
LECTURE III. The Origin of Satan 35
LECTURE IV. The First Sin 48
LECTURE V. The Nature and Character of Satan 61
LECTURE VI. The Physical Power of Satan 76
LECTURE VII. The Miraculous Power of Satan 92
LECTURE VIII. The Intellectual Power of Satan 107
LECTURE IX. Demoniacs 127
LECTURE X. The Moral Power of Satan 142
LECTURE XI. The Doom of Satan 158

PREFACE of McRae Lectures on Satan

IN the author’s intercourse with both professors and non-professors, he has found a considerable lack of knowledge as to the origin, character, and power of Satan. With the view of instructing the people of his pastoral charge on these subjects, he prepared and delivered the following Lectures some years ago. But, in collecting his materials, he was unable to find any formal treatise on anything pertaining to Satan except his existence. This fact suggested the propriety of giving these. Lectures to the reading world, in order to fill up, as they might, the blank that seems to exist in our religious literature. His object is simply to furnish a calm and scriptural statement of the salient features of Satan’s history. The work is doubtless defective in many things, and is by no means exhaustive. The author makes no special claim to originality in these Lectures. He has freely used all the aids within – his reach. Portions of the work may be little more than a compilation of the recorded thoughts of others or the various subjects in hand, gathered up in a course of reading running through years. For many of his arguments, facts, and illustrations, he is indebted specially to Dr. Buchanan’s Modern Atheism, Dr. Spring’s First Things, a work on Evil not from God, and a small pamphlet entitled Demonology, or Spiritualism. He commits this little work to a generous public, hoping that it may, under Divine grace, contribute some thing to the overthrow of Satan’s kingdom in the world.

Menu of Study for Satan, the Devil

Satan is a fallen angel. He is not a god, and he does not even begin to have the abilities and power of God. Understanding Satan is essential in avoiding falling into his devices.

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