Powell Satan The Great Deceiver

Powell Satan The Great Deceiver – review

Powell Satan The Great Deceiver is my review of the first chapters (download link for full book in the module).

Table of Contents

Powell Satan The Great Deceiver is my review of the first chapters (download link for full book in the module).

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Powell The Great Deceiver – A review

– A review by David Cox

By Paul W. Powell

Table of Contents of Powell Satan the Great Deceiver

1. Like a Roaring Lion ………………………………………….. 9
2. Born-Again Christians with Birth Defects ………. 21
3 The Cod of This World …………………………………… 31
4 The Battle for the Mind…………………………………… 41
5. The Devil’s Blockades………………………………………. 51
6. The Messenger of Satan…………………………………… 61
7. An Angel of Light…………………………………………. 71
8. The Device of Divisiveness……………………………… 85
9. The Binding of Satan ………………………………………. 97
10. Victors Instead of Victims……………………………… 107
11. Seven Secrets to Starting Over………………………. 119
12. The Downfall of the Great Deceiver ……………. 131

My Evaluation of Powell Satan The Great Deceiver

I would say that this work does a good job of hitting a lot or most of the highlights of a study on Satan as deceiver, including these points in general on Satan. Powell was a Southren Baptist Theologian.. –David Cox

Note: This work is under copyright (copyright date 1988) so I cannot just copy the work into a theWord module. But it is published by Broadman Press, and on their website you can download a PDF image copy to read it for yourself.
Download Link: http://www.baylor.edu/content/services/document.php?id=26690

From the introduction

We must learn how I he devil works, but, more than that, we must learn I he process of conquering him—not by flesh and blood, not by joining committees or new activities. Our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual, not of the body.
This is the amazing truth we must learn: God has made lull provision for us to light these great and powerful forces which hold the world in their grip.

Rom 8:37

  • Note: My review and notes are only for the first four chapters. Download the PDF if you like the work.

Sample chapter 1. Like a Roaring Lion – Powell Satan The Great Deceiver

The False Accuser
Created not Born
Like a Roaring Lion
Why Doesn’t God kill the Devil?
Victory in Jesus
(from Powell Satan The Great Deceiver)

“The war began in heaven!” Rev 12:7,9
Eph 6:11-12  1 Pet 5:8-9

Powell sees the concept behind “lion” as adversary. Both “Satan” and “Devil” are terms that likewise convey this idea.
“Like Charles G. Finney, I believe in the devil for two reasons; first because the Bible savs so and second because IVe done business with him before.”

The half-dazed boxer looked up and said. “If my opponent hasn’t laid a hand on me. you’d better keep an eye on that referee because somebody out there is beating the daylights out of me.”

“The Bible never tries to prove Satan’s existence. What the Scriptures do is identify the source of temptation and evil. We know it is there. We have felt it pull us like a magnetic, but we do not know its source apart from God’s Word.”

“To be successful in spiritual warfare, we need to know our enemy. To this end consider these five questions;

(1) Who is our adversary?
(2) What is he like?
0) Where did he come from?
(4) Why does God allow him to exist?
(5) How can we defeat him?”

“Let me show you how Satan operates. He is the author of sickness, disease, and tragedy. He is the one behind the suffering and sorrow of our world. But when have you ever heard of a person diagnosed as having cancer asking, “Why has Satan done this to me?” People are always labeling these things as “acts of God.” They ask, “Why has God done this to me?”

“Do you see how subtle Satan is? He brings havoc to the world, and God gets blamed for it. He is the one who hurts people, and God is discredited because of it. Salon deceived Adam and Eve (Gen. 3). Satan stood against Israel (1 Chron. 21:1). Satan afflicted Job (Job 1:1- 2). Satan tempted Jesus (Matt. 4:10). Satan infilled Judas (Luke 22:3). Satan sifted Peter (Luke 22:31). Satan hindered Paul (1 Thess. 2:18). Satan deceives the whole world (Rev. 12:9).

“He is the one who opposes and obstructs. He is determined to rob God of His right to rule in the hearts and lives of men, and he is determined to rob man of the privilege of living in heaven. He is the enemy of God and of man. In the Scriptures there is just one diabolos— Satan, the sovereign ruler over all the demons of dark- ness, despair, and destruction. However, there is a vast demonic force under his rule. Powell Satan The Great Deceiver

“The Bible does not give us a clear picture regarding Satan’s beginning He just appears on the stage of divine history as a created being, a rebel against Cod. Apparently Satan is a fallen angel. Peter spoke of the “angels that sinned” (2 Pet. 2 4) and Jude of the “angels which kept not their first estate” (Jude 6). Jesus Himself spoke of Satan, fallen like lightning from heaven (Luke 10:18b).

Eze 28:11-19 Isa 14:12-17
1 Pet 5:8-9 like a roaring lion

Powell says this describes his character, not his appearance.

Satan’s Goals: 1) Keep us from becoming Christians. 2) He does not want us to be happy, confident or useful in our faith. 3) Rob us of our assurance, our joy, and our usefulness… render us ineffective and nullified as to our testimony.

1Pet 5:9 We are to resist the devil. Stand against him.

“We are to “resist stedfast.” The word steadfast is a term used of material objects to denote solidarity No superficial faith will do against Satan. Winston Churchill once said of General Tutor, “The impression I had of Tutor was an iron peg hammered into frozen ground—immovable.” That’s the way we are to be toward Satan,”

Read complete book at http://www.baylor.edu/content/services/document.php?id=26690

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Powell Satan The Great Deceiver
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