White, E.G. – The Truth about Angels

The Truth about Angels is a 22 chapter by Seventh Day Adventist founder, Ellen White. She looks at a panoramic view of Angels across time and Scriptures.

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The Truth about Angels

The Truth about Angels
By Ellen G White

The Truth about Angels is a 22 chapter by Seventh Day Adventist founder, Ellen White. She looks at a panoramic view of Angels across time and Scriptures.

AIM: Seventh Day Adventist.
CIM: Angelology

Version/Date: 1.1 Jun/11/2014

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Contents of The Truth about Angels

To the Reader 5.
1. Angels and You-a Brief Overview 9.
2. Angel Ministry Today 14.
3. Angels in Heaven, Before the Rebellion 23.
4. The Origin of Evil 23.
5. The Rebellious Angels Are Cast Out, and Adam and Eve Fall 45.
6. Angels Before and After Noah’s Flood 63.
7. Angels in the Patriarchal Age 73.
8. Angels at the Time of the Exodus 88.
9. Angels From Sinai to the Taking of Jericho 98.
10. Angels From the Time of the Judges to the Early Kingdom 112.
11. Angels From David’s Time to the Babylonian Captivity 126.
12. Angels From the Captivity to John the Baptist 139.
13. The Incarnation and Early Life of Christ 154.
14. Angels at Christ’s Baptism and in the Wilderness 168.
15. Good and Evil Angels During Christ’s Ministry 180.
16. Angels From Christ’s Passion Until His Death 192.
17. Angels From Christ’s Resurrection Until His Ascension 207.
18. Angels From Pentecost to the Last Days 224.
19. Angels in Ellen White’s Experience 249.
20. Angels in the Final Crisis 261.
21. Angels in the Great Hereafter 283.
Epilogue 300.

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An angel is a messenger, which at times his work extends beyond just delivering a message to accomplishing a task or mission.

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Satan and Demons

Satan rebelled against God and dragged a third of the angels with him by his tail.

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  1.  I do not agree with the Seventh Day Adventists in general. The study is on angels, so you should probably be cautious about using this work, keeping in mind their doctrinal differences with your own. Note that they consider Ellen White as a giver of inspired, authoratitive doctrine, basically the same as Bible author.

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