Fereday, W.W. – Solomon and His Temple

Solomon and His Temple

By W.W. Fereday

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Preface of Solomon and His Temple

The following pages were written by an aged pilgrim upon a sick-bed in intervals of comparative freedom from pain. The reader who may discover blunders and deficiencies will therefore please regard them with that gracious pitifulness which is always delightful in the children of God; and like the careful fishermen ofMat 13:48he will put “the good into vessels and cast the bad away.”

The days of Solomon were unique in the history of Israel and of the world; and the house that he built unto the name of Jehovah was also unique. It was all a bright foreshadowing of days of glory and blessing yet to be brought in by the Lord Jesus. The nations of the world will then cease to strive, and will dwell peacefully under His righteous sway, and the Temple in Jerusalem will be sought unto from the ends of the earth because Jehovah is there.

“Amen. Come, Lord Jesus” (Rev 22:20).

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Fereday, W W  - Solomon And His Temple
Fereday, W W - Solomon And His Temple
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