MacDuff, John – Prophet of Fire

Prophet of Fire is about the life and times of Elijah, with lessons learned from his life and ministry.


The life and times of Elijah, with their lessons
By John MacDuff, 1877
Thus says the Lord of Hosts, “Behold, I will
make my words in your mouth FIRE.” Jer 5:14


1. Birthplace—Appearance—Character
2. National Apostasy
3. The Retreat
4. Cherith and Zarephath
5. Lights and Shadows
6. Obadiah and the Search for Provender
7. The Convocation on Mount Carmel
8. The Answer by Fire
9. The Sound of Rain
10. The Flight to the Wilderness
11. The Angel’s Visit
12. The Drama of the Desert
13. The Seven Thousand
14. Return to Duty
15. The Call of Elisha
16. Naboth’s Vineyard
17. Ahaziah and the God of Ekron
18. The Second Answer by Fire
19. Farewell Visits to the Sons of the Prophets
20. The Chariot of Fire
21. The Mount of Transfiguration
22. Lessons of the Mount, and Closing Thoughts

MacDuff, John - The Prophet Of Fire (wlue777) Top
MacDuff, John - The Prophet Of Fire (wlue777) Top
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