Smith, Hamilton – Elisha The Man Of God

Smith, Hamilton – Elisha The Man Of God is a brethren character on the Old Testament prophet of Elisha. Elisha is seen by Smith as “the Man of God.”

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Elisha The Man Of God

Smith, Hamilton – Elisha The Man Of God is a brethren character study on the Old Testament prophet of Elisha. Elisha is seen by Smith as “the Man of God.”

Hamilton Smith's Elisha the Man of God
Hamilton Smith’s Elisha, the Man of God

This is a brethren character on the Old Testament prophet of Elisha. Elisha is seen by Smith as “the Man of God.”

Elisha: The Man of God


1. Elisha: Preface
The meaning of the name Elisha is ” God the Savior;” and, in conformity with his name, he was used, above all prophets in Old Testament days, to set forth the sovereign grace and mercy of God to a guilty people. In his {s

2. Elisha: Introduction
Never, in the course of Israel’s history, had the moral condition of the nation been so low as

3. Call of Elisha, The
Elisha is first brought to our notice in the Lord’s charge to Elijah, in the day of the prophet’s despondency. Disappointed at the failure of his mission, embittered against the professing people of God, and occupied with himself, Elijah had…

4. Servant’s Training, The
WE hear nothing of Elisha from the time of his call, until the day when Elijah is translated. This we can understand, seeing that Elisha was anointed to be the prophet in the room of Elijah. The two ministries could not co-exist. When,

5. Sons of the Prophets, The
The blessed effects of Elisha’s training are now made manifest to others. He becomes a witness before the world of the one that has gone to heaven. The sons of the prophets take note of his new character; for, looking upon Elisha,

6. Men of the City, The
The world in the midst of which Elisha is a witness to the grace of God is not only an unbelieving world, but, as the result of its unbelief, is a world under the curse. Very fittingly then Elisha’s mission of grace commences

7. Mockers of Bethel, The
In reading the story of Elisha it must ever be remembered that his mission was to present the grace of God to a guilty nation. For this reason his miracles are almost without exception miracles of grace. The three exceptions—the mocking youths who

8. Kings and Their Armies, The
“Hitherto Elisha has been the minister of grace in a limited circle: he now commences his public ministry in connection with the apostate nation. Through his intervention, three kings and their armies are saved from destruction, and a great victory gained over the enemies

9. Widow’s Oil, The
The God that ” telleth the number of the stars,” and ” calleth them by their names,” is the God that ” healeth the broken in heart.” The stars are too high, and the sorrows of a broken heart too deep, for us to reach: but

10. Shunammite, The
The beautiful story of the Shunammite was cast 1 in a dark day in the history of Israel. The king of Israel ” wrought evil in the sight of the Lord.” The idols set up by Jeroboam were still worshipped by the people. The morally

11. Time of Dearth, The
Each changing scene in Elisha’s eventful history increasingly discloses the ruin of Israel, only to make manifest that where sin abounds grace does much more abound. Already we have seen the curse at Jericho, scoffers at Bethel, Moab in rebellion, widows in

12. Multitude Fed, The
In this time of dearth, a man comes from Baal-shalisha with twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in a sack, as a gift of firstfruits to the man of God. Immediately Elisha says, ” Give unto the

13. Healing of the Leper, The
Hitherto Elisha has been the minister of the grace of God in the midst of Israel; now he becomes a means of blessing to one outside the nation. Grace is extended to a Gentile.

14. Servant of the Prophet, The
Now and again there pass before us in Scripture those who lie and deceive: but there is no more deliberate liar than Gehazi. As with Ananias and Sapphira, so with Gehazi, covetousness was the root of the lying.

15. Borrowed Ax, The
Once again the story of Elisha passes from kings and great men, to a simple domestic scene connected with the building of a dwelling place for the sons of the prophets. The incident very happily displays the simplicity and lowliness of life that marked this

16. Syrian Raids, The
Elisha, having used the grace of God to relieve a distressed individual, now becomes the instrument of grace to save a guilty nation. The prophet, who had rebuked the king of Israel for his unbelief in connection with the letter from the

17. Siege of Samaria, The
The record of the mercy shown to the Syrian raiders closes with the statement, ” So the bands of Syria came no more into the land of Israel.” Nevertheless, the hostility of the Syrians to God’s people remained. Thus we read, ” It came

18. Seven Years’ Famine, The
The siege of Samaria with all its horrors, and the I grace of God in all its fullness, were soon forgotten. Neither misery endured, nor mercy received, turned the nation to the Lord their God. Nevertheless, God does not abandon His people. He still

19. King of Syria, The
Elisha’s service is not confined to Israel and the Land. Thus we read he ” came to Damascus,” and is found amongst the Gentiles. Benhadad, the king of Syria, is sick. In his sickness he recognizes and honors the man of God.

20. Anointing of Jehu, The
The mighty miracles of Elisha—the witnesses of the grace of God to a guilty nation—have all been in vain. Israel refuses to turn from idols to the living God. The prophet may weep over the sorrows coming upon the nation, may {s

21. Death of Elisha, The
Elisha, at the direction of the Lord, had sent a young man to anoint Jehu as king. The young man having carried out his errand was instructed to flee, and not tarry with Jehu. The prophet thus clearly showing that between himself and God.

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Smith, H.- Elisha-The Man Of God
Smith, H.- Elisha-The Man Of God
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