Thomson, M. William – Land and the Book

The Land and the Book is a review of many different places mentioned in the Bible.

Thomson, M. William – Land and the Book

Thomson, M. William – Land and the Book

THE land where the Word made-flesh dwelt with men is, and must ever be, an integral part of the Divine Revelation. Her testimony is essential to the chain of evidences, her aid invaluable in exposition. Mournful deserts and mouldering ruins rebuke the pride of man and vindicate the truth of God; and yawning gulfs, from Tophet to the Sea of Death, in its sepulcher of bitumen and brimstone, warn the wicked, and prophesy of coming wrath. Even the trees of her forests speak parables, and rough brambles bear allegories; while little sparrows sing hymns to the happy, and lilies give lessons to comfort the poor. The very hills and mountains, rocks, rivers, and fountains, are symbols and pledges of things far better than themselves. In a word, Palestine is one vast tablet whereupon God’s messages to men have been drawn, and graven deep in living characters by the Great Publisher of glad tidings, to be seen and read of all to the end of time.

The Land and the Book―with reverence be it said―constitute the ENTIRE and ALL-PERFECT TEXT, and should be studied together. To read the one by the light of the other has been the privilege of the author for twenty-five years; and the governing purpose in publishing is to furnish additional facilities for this delightful study to those who have not been thus favored. The Itinerary commences with eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, but the scenes described were visited many times during the preceding quarter of a century. These almost innumerable excursions are not imaginary, but real; and the results, so far as they bear on Biblical Illustration, appear in the current narrative.

Table of Contents
Land and the Book
The Land and the Book
Author’s Preface

Part 1. ―Phenicia and Lebanon. –
Chapter 1 – Beirut
Chapter 2 – Beirut – Continued
Chapter 3 – Beirut – Continued
Chapter 4 – Dog River.*
Chapter 5 – Beirut to the Damur. *
Chapter 6 – Damur to Neby Tunas
Chapter 7 – Lady Hester Stanhope*-Sidon
Chapter 8 – Sidon
Chapter 9 – Sidon―Continued
Chapter 10 – From Sidon to Sarafend.*
Chapter 11 – Neighborhood of Sarafend
Chapter 12 – Sarafend to Tire
Chapter 13 – Tire*
Chapter 14 – Tire to Kanah.*
Chapter 15 – Tibnin-Hunin.*
Chapter 16 – Hunin-Huleh-Banias
Chapter 17 – Lake Phiala-Castle of Banias
Chapter 18 – a Tell El Kady―(Dan)―Plain of the Hûleh
Chapter 19 – Kudes-Safed-Kefr Bur’iam
Chapter 20 – Hazor-Alma-Acre
Chapter 21* – Ladder of Tire-Acre
Chapter 22 – Neighborhood of Acre
Chapter 23* – Acre-El Mughar
Chapter 24 – El Mughar Tabiga.*
Chapter 25 – Lake of Tiberias-Tabiga-Kerseh.*
Chapter 26 – Kersa-Tiberias
Chapter 27 – Tiberias
Chapter 28 – Tiberias to Nazareth
Chapter 29 – Nazareth
Chapter 30 – Sulam* to Jenin
Chapter 31 – Jenin to Sindiany.*
Chapter 32 – Sindiany-Caesarea

Part 2 -The Seacoast Plains-Sharon and Philistia
Chapter 33 – Caesarea to Jaffa
Chapter 34 – Jaffa or Joppa
Chapter 35 – Ramleh to Ashdod
Chapter 36 – Ashdod to Gaza
Chapter 37 – Gaza to Beit Jibrin

Part 3 – Southern Palestine
Chapter 38 – Hebron
Chapter 39 – Hebron to Santa Saba
Chapter 40 – ‘Ain Es Sultan-Jericho
Chapter 41 – Jerusalem
Chapter 42 – Excursion to Bethlehem
Chapter 43 – Jerusalem and Neighborhood
Chapter 44 – Jerusalem – Sacred Places

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Thomson-The Land and the Book
Thomson-The Land and the Book
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