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Ridout, Samuel – How to Study the Bible

Ridout’s work on how to study the Bible is a Brethren work on different forms of Bible Study.

Table of Contents

How to Study the Bible is a work by Samuel Ridout (Brethren) which presents us with different forms of Bible Study.

How to Study the_Bible

By Samuel Ridout

Ridout’s work on how to study the Bible studies different forms of Bible Study. Ridout examines from memorizing Scripture through Bible study methods.

To many, a handbook on such a subject may seem needless, and an intrusion into what must ever be left to the individual alone as guided by the Spirit of God. Others, already diligent workers in this field, will find, perhaps, little to help; but it is hoped that large numbers of the Lord’s people who have a longing to become better acquainted with the contents of His word may find useful suggestions in the following pages.

First. No method of Bible study, however useful in itself and suggestive, can do away with the absolute necessity for repentance and new birth. The natural mind is “alienated from the life of God,” and no amount of education, even in the word of truth itself, can change the character of that which is “enmity against God.” The Sunday-school teacher must never forget this as he faces a class of bright, intelligent young people, week by week. If they have not been brought to repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ, the great work has not even been begun which is to form the foundation of their whole life. Well would it be for all who are seeking to make plain the word of God, to remember this, and with all the enthusiasm that they bring to the opening up of this wonderful storehouse of divine riches, to agonize in prayer for the conversion of those who, in the providence of God, have been committed to them.

Table of Contents of How to Study the Bible

Preliminary Remarks

Part 1. — Methods of Study
Chapter 1. — Daily Bible Reading
Chapter 2. — Memorizing Scripture
Chapter 3. — Analysis
Chapter 4. — Note-books on Bible Study
Chapter 5. — Topical Study
Chapter 6. — Biographical Study
Chapter 7. — Typical Study
Chapter 8. — Dispensational Study
Chapter 9. — Harmony Studies
Chapter 10. — Smaller Details

Part 2. — Practical System, and Time-schedules

Part 3. — General Responsibilities
Chapter 1. — Prayer in Connection with Bible Study
Chapter 2. — Outside Responsibilities
Chapter 3. — Sunday and Holiday Work
Chapter 4. — Benefits of this Systematic Work

Part 4. — The One Great Theme
Christ, the Centre and Theme of all Scripture

Part 5. — Helpful Books for Bible Study
Chapter 1. — Books that have to do with the Text
Chapter 2. — Concordances
Chapter 3. — Bible Dictionaries
Chapter 4. — Bible Outlines
Chapter 5. — Outlines of Special Topics
Chapter 6. — Commentaries
Chapter 7. — Hints as to Reading

Samuel Ridout
Samuel Ridout

Samuel Ridout

See Plymouth Brethren

Samuel Ridout's father died when he was only one his father died, and at age 5 his mother and his grandfather undertook to raise the boy. Of this devoted and godly
man, Mr. Ridout ever spoke in the highest terms of appreciation, and often
mentioned how greatly he was indebted to him for training in the nurture and
the admonition of the Lord. He determined to enter Princeton Seminary,
where he graduated in 1880. 

He had a long ministry of 40 years. He followed F. W. Grant in the Editorship of "Help and Food," and was associated with him in the work of the Numerical Bible. He also wrote Sunday School classes for the Sunday School Visitor. For nearly 30 years he compiled the Treasury of Truth Almanac and Counsellor, and in the work of the Bible Truth Depot his help and counsel were ever a source of inspiration and comfort. 

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Ridout, S - How To Study The Bible (wlue777) Gbk
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