Arthur Angel and the Demon

This work, Angel and the Demon is a fictional work for Christians to read and receive edification.

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This work, Angel and the Demon is a fictional work for Christians to read and receive edification.

We think few mothers can read this volume without being struck with the great importance of care, in regard to the dispositions and moral qualities of those into whose hands they place their children. There are sad disorders in society at the present time, and influences of a baleful character at work delegation of the mother’s duties: extreme ill health is, perhaps, the only excuse for such delegation; but when it is made, let the nurse or governess be of known pure life and firm integrity. There should be no guess-work here; trusting of a stranger, unless under the amplest testimonials from known parties; for wrong done to childhood is, too often, wrong done for the whole life. But we can only hint here at what we have endeavored to illustrate in the present volume.


An angel is a messenger, which at times his work extends beyond just delivering a message to accomplishing a task or mission.

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Satan and Demons

Satan rebelled against God and dragged a third of the angels with him by his tail.

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Arthur, Timothy Shay - Angel and the Demon
Arthur, Timothy Shay - Angel and the Demon
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