Booth An Essay on The Kingdom of Christ

PREFACE. (Excerpt)

THE Kingdom of Christ is a subject of great importance: for, according to the views we have of that Kingdom, will our conclusions be respecting various branches of religious conduct. If those views be imaginary, these conclusions must be false. By the former, the glory of Messiah’s regal character will be obscured: by the latter, his worship will be corrupted: whereas the true doctrine concerning this holy empire may not only be the mean of preserving from those evils, but of presenting us with data for the decision of many disputes among the professors of Christianity. A competent acquaintance, therefore, with its nature and laws, its emoluments and honours, re closely connected with our duty and our happiness: which acquaintance must be derived from Divine Revelation.

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Booth, Abraham-An Essay On The Kingdom Of Christ Gbk
Booth, Abraham-An Essay On The Kingdom Of Christ Gbk
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