Everard, George – Your Sundays

This work, Your Sundays, is an instructive work on how to spend your Sundays.

Your Sundays

By George Everard
Sunday School Lessons, Sunday School Lessons for Kids

This work, Your Sundays, is an instructive work on how to spend your Sundays.


These pages were written to supply a need which has often been felt. There are many lads at school who might be glad to have a short portion, practical in its character, to read each Sunday morning, that might be a word of help through the week. I trust that for this purpose the book may be useful. But it may be useful to many others beside schoolboys. With slight omissions or alterations it may afford Sunday readings for a family. It may also suggest subjects to those who have to give addresses in mission-rooms or school-rooms. No less may it be profitable for private reading, and also for Sunday use on board ship, and in places where the means of grace are but few. I have endeavored to take in a very wide range of subjects, specially bearing on the way of salvation, the work of Christ and of the Spirit, the consolations of the Gospel, and the details of the Christian life.

May the Good Spirit, the Comforter, by means of it, teach, strengthen, and sanctify those who read it.
George Everard.

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