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Litke – Biblical Financial Stewardship

In this 9 chapter work by Litke (Dallas Theological SeminarY) he presents us with a study on stewardship in light of Scripture. His chapers are: Introduction, stewards not owners, finding financial contentment, connecting to God through giving, developing a giving heart, God’s giving promises, stewardship of the money we don’t give, an honest day’s work, learning and teaching stewardship.

Table of Contents

Biblical Financial Stewardship

Study By: Sid Litke
How our need for daily bread can transform us spiritually.

Contents of Biblical Financial Stewardship by Litke

1. Introduction to Biblical Financial Stewardship
2. Stewards, Not Owners
3. Finding Financial Contentment
4. Connecting to God through Giving
5. Developing A Giving Heart
6. God’s Giving Promises
7. Stewardship of the Money We Don’t Give
8. An Honest Day’s Work
9. Learning and Teaching Stewardship

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