Gurnall, William - The Christian in Complete Armour (extracts)

Gurnall Christian in Complete Armour

The extracts that form this little volume are gleaned from a well-known Puritan work, written by William Gurnall and published in 1665, entitled, “The Christian in Complete Armor.”

Gurnall The Christian in Complete Armour is a Puritan work that explains our spiritual defenses and opposition against Satan’s attacks.

The Christian in Complete Armour

Gurnall The Christian in Complete Armour
By William Gurnall

The extracts that form this little volume are gleaned from a well-known Puritan work, written by William Gurnall and published in 1665, entitled, “The Christian in Complete Armor.”

Among all the Puritan writings that have come down to us, none, perhaps, are more practical and conscience-reaching, than this notable work. The perusal of the following pages will prove it still to be a ministry, rich with glowing thoughts to warm the heart a quiver well stocked with arrows to reach the conscience.
Hamilton Smith,1914

Contents of the Gurnall The Christian in Complete Armour

1. Sin and Guilt
2. Profession and Hypocrisy
3. Pride and Worldliness
4. Glad Tidings and Joy
5. Faith and Holiness
6. Wiles and Temptations
7. Suffering and Shame
8. Strife and Contention
9. Preaching
10. Reading and Meditation
11. Prayer and Thanksgiving
12. Patience and Hope

Gurnall The Christian in Complete Armour

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It is an intensive work on these wiles of the Devil.

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Gurnall The Christian in Complete Armour

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