Secker, William – The Consistent Christian


A Handbook for Christian Living

William Secker, 1660


Without doubt, this is the richest book we have ever read. In order to gain any spiritual profit from the book — it must be carefully perused. It is much like the book of Proverbs, where each line must be contemplated. Concerning the literary style of the author, Secker abounds in the use of comparisons and contrasts — often using several analogies in the same sentence. Similar to the Old Testament authors, at times Secker ‘purposely exaggerates’ the wording, to make his point. This handbook for Christian living will be a treasure to all serious Christians. Originally titled “The Nonsuch Professor” this antiquated book has been carefully updated to modern English.  (Editors,  


Secker, William - The Consistent Christian (wlue777)
Secker, William - The Consistent Christian (wlue777)
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