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Christian Living Meyers deals with a Christian’s relationship with Christ. It is a devotional work.

Christian Living Meyers

By F. B. Meyer

This Online Edition of “Christian Living” conforms as closely as possible to the text of the original “Christian Living” except for a few changes: (1) Roman numerals are replaced throughout with ordinary numerals, (2) certain words in THIS form are now in THIS form. I am not sure what exact year F. B. Meyer wrote this book, but it was somewhere around the early 1900’s.

Table Of Contents

1. The Appropriation of Christ
2. Christ’s Proprietorship
3. Reciprocal Indwelling
4. “Sin” and “Sins”
5. The Will
6. Guidance
7. The Fulness of the Spirit
8. Our Work for Christ
9. Concluding Words living/christian living.html


By F. B. Meyer
These chapters contain the essence of Addresses delivered at several Conferences and Missions, in which they have beeen wonderfully used to the quickening of the children of God.
Looked at in this form, they seem as unlikely to produce life as the rod which was laid in vain on the face of the dead child (2 Kings 4. 31). Yet may He who caused the rod of Aaron to bud and bear fruit graciously bless these words after like manner; and use them to answer some of the questions which are being so eagerly asked on all sides, as to the attainment of a nobler ideal of Christian Living.

Meyer-Christian Living
Meyer-Christian Living
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Solution I just won't Go to Church Meditations on why and with what motive we participate in church. Are you part of the Redeemed? If you are, then how do you identify with that group? Isn't it by being a part of a group of the redeemed? (a church) Does God require you to congregate? Hebrews 10:24-25 What if there are no good churches around me? Corporate worship is essential in your Christian life. Edifying and being edified.