Orr Charles Christian Conduct

Orr Charles Christian Conduct

In this 24 chapter work on general things of the Christian Life, Orr (Church of God) presents different topics such as the home life, husband’s duty to his wife, and wife’s duty to her husband, dress, habits, etc.

In this 24 chapter work on general things of the Christian Life, Orr (Church of God) presents different topics such as the home life, husband’s duty to his wife, and wife’s duty to her husband, dress, habits, etc.

Orr Charles Christian Conduct

Christian Conduct
or, The Way to Heaven
By Charles E. Orr, 1903
Copyright: Public Domain
Christian Conduct
or, The Way to Heaven

Charles Orr

Charles Ebert Orr (1861-1933)

(elsewhere I found these dates for his life 1844-1913)

Biography of Charles Orr

I cannot find any further information on Charles Orr. I would place him (guessing because I could not find any information about him) probably in the Deeper Life movement/Methodist/Nazarene. Usually, Nazarene authors show up in Nazarene Publishing Houses listings. But Orr seems to be missing as far as biographical information. But I would mention that his works are very sound holiness type works that are straightforward exhortations to live a holier life.

In general, from analyzing his topics of his books, I would say that he was in the Deeper life movement (a break off of the Anglican church under John Wesley, later others from him.) I have found his works in various places on the Internet and none of them know what he was or with whom he was associated either.

List of Works of Charles Orr

  • A Fallen Church
  • A Neighborhood Awakening
  • A Religious Controversy
  • Be Still before the Lord
  • Christianity in Home Life
  • Christian Conduct
  • Divine Realities
  • Food for the Lambs
  • Heavenly Help for Earthly Living
  • Helps To Holy Living
  • How to Live a Holy Life
  • Incense from Golden Vials
  • More Abundant Life
  • Odors from Golden Vials
  • Successful Child Training
  • The Christian Life
  • The Hidden Life
  • The Gospel Day
  • The Instruction of Youth in the Christian Life
  • Das Verborgene Leben; (German Edition)
  • Weide fuer Laemmer
  • Leben und Voile Genuge
  • Weide fur Lammer: oder, Hilfsmittel fur junge Christen

Articles by Charles Orr

(included in the Module Articles by Charles Ebert Orr)

  • A Fallen Church

CONTENT of Orr Charles Christian Conduct

Part I
Christian Experience
Part II
Christian Conduct
Christianity in Home Life
Husband’s Duty to His Wife
Wife’s Duty to Her Husband
Parents’ Duty to Their Children
Children’s Duty to Their Parents
Servants’ Duty to Their Masters
Masters’ Duty to Their Servants
Christianity in Public Life
The Effect of Christianity on Habit
Christianity in Dress
Christianity Separates from the World
What Christians Must Not Do
What Christians Must Do


“Only let your conduct be as it becometh the gospel of Christ.”*

We kindly ask the reader to compare the words of this booklet with the Word of God. What I have written has not been with an unkind nor unfriendly spirit, and I hope no one will take offense. My object has been to exalt Christianity to her rightful throne and plainly mark out the Christian way, that we all may live to the glory of God and to gain a home in heaven.

Your in Christian hope and love,

Charles E. Orr

Orr-Christian Conduct
Orr-Christian Conduct
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