Cramp, J. M. – Baptist History

Cramp s Baptist History is a review of the Hisotry of the Baptist Denomination.

Baptist History

By J.M. Cramp

Cramp s Baptist History is a review of the History of the Baptist Denomination through the ages. He hits on various important points in Baptist History

CONTENTS of Cramps Baptist History


I.Introductory Remarks-Pædobaptist Concessions
II.The Apostolic Fathers-Justin Martyr-Irenæus
III.Tertullian-Baptism of Children in Africa-Origen-First Appearance of
Infant Baptism-The Clinics-Christianity in England


I.The Catechumens-Progress of Infant Baptism-Delay of Baptism-Gregory Nazianzen-Chrysostom-Basil-Ephrem of Edessa-The Emperor Constantine-Immersion still the Mode

II.Christian Intolerance-Justin’s Law, enjoining Infant Baptism-The Novatians-The Donatists-Pelagianism


I.The Manichæans-Cautions to the Student-All Opponents of Infant Baptism not Baptists-Account of the Paulicians-Their Views of Baptism

II.Religious Reform in Europe-The Canons of Orleans-Arras-Berengarius-Miscellaneous Anecdotes


I.State of Affairs in Europe during this Period-The Crusades -Other Important Events-The Scholastic Divines and Philosophers-Universities-Printing

II.Paulicians in France and Italy-General View of the Reform Movement-Various Names given to the Reformers-Sentiments held by them-False Charge of Manichæism-Their Activity-Reinerus Saccho’s Account

III.Success of the Reforming Parties-Consternation at Rome-Anathemas-The Dominican and Franciscan Orders-Sanguinary Persecution-Crusade against the Albigenses-The Inquisition Movement in England-John de Wycliffe-The Lollards-Bohemia

IV.Various Opinions respecting Baptism-Berengar-Peter of Bruys-Henry of Lausanne-Arnold of Brescia-Cologne-England-Lombers-Pope Lucius III

V.Heretics of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries-Wycliffe’s Sentiments on Baptism-The Bohemians-Baptism among the Waldenses-Church Government-Immersion


I.Rise of the Reformation-Opinions held by the Baptists-Misrepresented by the Reformers-Their Wonderful Increase-Support under Sufferings

II.German Baptists-Thomas Munzer-The Peasant War-Michael Satler- Hans Schaffier -Salzburg- Wolfgang Brand-Huebert-The Burggraf of Alzey-Imperial Edicts

III.Persecuting Tenets of the Reformers-German Diets-The Congregation at Steinborn-Leonard Bernkop-The Crown of Straw-Johannes Bair-Hans Pichner-Hans Breal-Baptists in Italy

IV.Baptists in Switzerland-Zuingli-Concessions of Bullinger and Meshovius-Disputations-Drownings-Felix Mantz -Balthazar Hubmeyer-Louis Hetzer-Emigration to Moravia-Jacob Hutter

V.The Netherlands-Sicke Snyder-Furious Edict-The Inquisition-Severities of Philip II.-Torture-Lysken-Gerrit Hase-poot-Joris Wippe-Private Executions-Horrid Rackings

VI.Biography of Menno Simon-Account of his Publications-Church Government among the Baptists-Missionary Excursions

VII. Baptists in England-Proclamation of Henry VIII.
-Latimer’s Sermon before Edward VI.-Baptists excepted from “Arts of Pardon”-Royal Commissions against them-Ridley-Cranmer – Joan Boucher- Rogers -Philpot-Bishop Hooper’s Scruples-George Van Pare-Protestant Persecutions
Inexcusable-Congregations in Essex and Kent-Bonner-Gardiner-Disputations in Jail-Queen Elizabeth’s Proclamation against Baptists-Bishop Jewel
-Archbishop Parker-Dutch Baptists

VIII. Enormities Perpetrated at Munster and other places-Injustice of Ascribing them to Baptist Sentiments

I. Baptists Persecuted by all other Sects-Liberal Policy of William, Prince of Orange-The “Union of Utrecht”-Differences of Opinion-Persecution in Moravia and in Switzerland

II. Dutch Baptists Persecuted in England-Account of Hendrick Terwoort and Jan Pieters-Their Martyrdom-Their Religious Sentiments-Whitgift’s Invectives against the Baptists

III. Severity of Elizabeth’s Government-Bigotry of James I.-The Hampton Court Conference – Emigration – John Smyth’s Church-Their Confessions-Bartholomew Legate-Extracts from Baptist Publications on Liberty of Conscience-The King’s distress at their Increase

IV.Character of Charles I.-Sufferings during his Reign-First Particular Baptist Church-Samuel Howe-Dr. Featley’s Book-Baptist Confessions of Faith-Toleration hated by the Presbyterians-Their attempts to put down the aptists-Milton’s Lines-The Assembly of Divines-Outcry against Immersion-Parliamentary Declaration in favor of the Baptists-Fearful “Ordinance” against them-Their Activity during the Commonwealth and the Protectorate-Cromwell’s Baptist Officers-The “Triers”-Baptists in Ireland

V.Character of Charles II. and James II.-Commencement of Persecution-Venner’s Rebellion-Disclaimer by Baptists -Severe Sufferings-John James-Act of Uniformity-The Aylesbury Baptists-Benjamin Keach Pilloried-Conventicle Act-Five-Mile Act-Their Effects

VI.History of the Broadmead Church, Bristol

VII.Declaration of Indulgence-Confession of Faith-Fierce Persecution – Thomas Delaune -The Duke of Monmouth’s Rebellion-Account of the Hewlings – Mrs. Gaunt-The Dark Time-Another Declaration of Indulgence-William Kiffin-Thc Glorious Revolution

VIII.Principles and Practices of the Denomination-Human Tradition Renounced-Freedom of Conscience Demanded-Personal Piety requisite to Church Fellowship-Purity of Discipline-Cases cited-Mode of Public Worship-Plurality of Elders-Communion-Singing-Laying on of hands-The Sabbath

IX.Biographical Notices-John Smyth, Thomas Helwys, and John Spilsbury—-Henry Denne-Francis Cornwell, A.M.-Christopher Blackwood-Major-General Harrison-Col. Hutchinson

X.Biographical Notices Continued- Henry Jessey, A.M.-John Canne-Vavasor Powell-Abraham Cheare XI.Biographical Notices Continued-John Toombes, B.D.-Francis Bampfield, A.M.-Henry D’Anvers-Edward Terrill-Dr. Du Veil-John Bunyan

XII.Biographical Notices Continued-Thomas Grantham-Hanserd Knollys-Benjamin Keach-William Kiffin-Anecdotes

XIII.Baptists in North America-Church at Providence-Baptists in Massachusetts – Persecuting Enactment against them-The Whipping of Obadiah Holmes-First Church at Holmes-First Church at Boston-Newport-Swansea-Other Churches-Roger Williams-Gregory Dexter-Obadiah Holmes-John Miles-Elias Keach


I.General Character of the Period-Baptist General Assembly in London-Questions-Particular Baptist Fund-Baptist Board-The Deputies-The Widows’ Fund-The Book Society-Bristol College-Dr. John Ward-Toleration Act-Schism Bill-Dissenters excluded from Office-Restrictions-Relief-Decline of the General Baptists-Communion Controversy-Effects of High Calvinism on the Particular Baptists-Commencement of Revival-Fuller and Sutcliffe-State of the Denomination in England-Foreign and Home Missions

II.Biographical Notices-Dr. John Gale-John Skepp-John Brine-Dr. Gill-John Macgowan-Robert Robinson-Robert Hall, Sen.-John Ryland-The Stennetts-Benjamin Beddome – Samuel Pearce – John Piggott – The Wallins-Dr. Andrew Gifford-Mordecai Abbott, Esq.-Thomas and John Hollis-Miss Steele-Mrs. Seward

III.Progress of the Denomination in North America-Sufferings in New England-Mrs. Elizabeth Backus-Mrs. Kimball-Virginia-Whitefield’s Preaching-The “New Lights”-First Churhes in Different States-Philadelphia Association-Other Associations-Correspondence with London Ministers-Great Revivals-Brown University-Nova Scotia-New Brunswick-Canada


I.Effects of the Mission Enterprise-Revivals-Extension of the Denomination-Statistical Table-Societies-Diversity and Adaptation of Talent-Baptist Agency now employed-Peculiarities of the Present Period-Duties of Baptists.

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