Austin-Sparks God's Spiritual House

Austin-Sparks God’s Spiritual House

In this work God’s Spiritual House by Austin-Sparks, he defines and examines the church.

God’s Spiritual House

by T. Austin-Sparks

In this work by Austin-Sparks, he defines and examines the church.

AIM: Methodist, Deeper Life.
CIM: Ecclesiology, Registry.
Version: August 7, 2014

Contents of God’s Spiritual House

Chapter 1 – The Exaltation of God’s Son
Chapter 2 – Assurance as to God’s Rest and Satisfaction in Christ
Chapter 3 – Ministering to the Deliverance and Life of the Elect
Chapter 4 – A Representation of Christ in Every Place
Chapter 5 – The Governing Law of the House of God
Chapter 6 – The School of Sonship unto Adoption
Chapter 7 – Graduation from the School of Sonship
Chapter 8 – “Over All – Faith,” and a Final Consideration

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Austin-Sparks-God's Spiritual House
Austin-Sparks-God's Spiritual House
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