Bellett J.G. – Short Meditations on the Psalms

Bellett J.G. – Short Meditations on the Psalms


The Book of Psalms is a collection of Meditations, Prayers, and Praises, uttered by various persons under various circumstances; all, surely, under the moving of the Holy Ghost. It bears this title, “The Book of Psalms,” by inspired authority. (Acts 1:20)

The Psalms themselves are either commemorative or prophetic, or expressive of the present passage of the soul. They have all the variety of confession, supplication, and praise; of doctrine, history, and prophecy.

The Lord Jesus is seen and heard in them, either personally or mystically. Among them there are some to which we can attach a time and place in the history of the Lord, reading them, therefore, as the utterances of His heart under some given occasion. Such, for instance, is Psalm 22. But there are others to which you cannot so distinctly attach such specific character; they are meditations or experiences more free and undefined.  Extract



Bellett, J G  - Short Meditations On The Psalms (wlue777)
Bellett, J G - Short Meditations On The Psalms (wlue777)
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Bellett-Psalms-Prophetic-Nature Cmt
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