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Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus

Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus is Pink’s Commentary on Exodus. Pink is reformed Baptist

Gleanings in Exodus

by Arthur Pink

Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus is Pink’s Commentary on Exodus. Pink is reformed Baptist.

‘We do not idolize him. But we do recognize him as a very unique man of God who can teach us through his pen and through his life. He was truly “born to write and all the circumstances of his life, even the negative ones he did not understand, propelled him to the fulfilment of that God-ordained purpose.’– RICHARD P. BELCHER Biography of Arthur Pink

“As a young man, Pink joined the Theosophical Society and apparently rose to enough prominence within its ranks that Annie Besant, its head, offered to admit him to its leadership circle.[4] In 1908 he renounced Theosophy for evangelical Christianity… Pink very briefly studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1910 before taking the pastorate of the Congregational church in Silverton, Colorado…By this time Pink had become acquainted with prominent dispensationalist Fundamentalists, such as Harry Ironside and Arno C. Gaebelein, and his first two books, published in 1917 and 1918, were in agreement with that theological position.[8] Yet Pink’s views were changing, and during these years he also wrote the first edition of The Sovereignty of God (1918), which argued that God did not love sinners and had deliberately created “unto damnation” those who would not accept Christ.[9] Whether because of his Calvinistic views, his nearly incredible studiousness, his weakened health, or his lack of sociability, Pink left Spartanburg in 1919 believing that God would “have me give myself to writing.”[10] But Pink then seems next to have taught the Bible—with some success—in California for a tent evangelist named Thompson while continuing his intense study of Puritan writings. “ Go to the article on Pink to read more.

Contents of Pink’s Gleanings in Exodus

1. Introduction
2. Israel in Bondage
3. The Early Days of Moses
4. Moses at the Burning Bush
5. Moses Called and His Response
6. The Significance of the Signs
7. Lessons in Service
8. Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh
9. Jehovah’s Covenant
10. The Hardened Heart
11. The Plagues Upon Egypt
12. The Plagues Upon Egypt (Continued)
13. Pharaoh’s Compromises
14. The Death of the Firstborn
15. The Passover
16. The Passover (Continued)
17. The Accompaniments of the Passover
18. The Exodus from Egypt
19. Crossing the Red Sea
20. Israel’s Song
21. In the Wilderness
22. The Manna
23. Manna—A Type of Christ
24. The Smitten Rock
25. Amalek
26. Moses’ Wife
27. Israel at Sinai
28. The Law of God
29. The Ten Commandments
30. The Decalogue and Its Sequel
31. The Perfect Servant
32. The Covenant Ratified
33. The Tabernacle
34. The Tabernacle (Continued)
35. The Ark
36. The Ark (Continued) 37. The Mercy Seat
38. The Table
39. The Lampstand
40. The Curtained Ceiling
41. The Coverings
42. The Boards
43. The Veil
44. The Tabernacle Door
45. The Brazen Altar
46. The Outer Court
47. The Priesthood
48. Aaron’s Garments
49. The Breastplate
50. The Urim and Thummim
51. The Vestments of the Priests
52. The Continual Burnt Offering
53. The Golden Altar
54. The Atonement Money
55. The Laver
56. The Anointing Oil
57. The Appointed Artificers
58. The Sabbath and Israel
59. The Golden Calf
60. The Typical Mediator
61. The Righteous Judge
62. Israel Plagued
63. Outside the Camp
64. Grace Abounding
65. Sovereign Mercy
66. God’s Governmental Principles
67. A Jealous God
68. God’s Claims
69. The Sinaiatic Covenant
70. The Glorified Mediator
71. The Lord’s Dwelling Place
72. Moses—A Type of Christ

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