the-highway Roman Catholic archives

This theWord module is a whole lot of articles from website on Catholicism. 

the-highway Roman Catholic archives

This theWord module is a whole lot of articles from website on Catholicism. Some speak to issues of the pope and others of their beliefs and recent things happening within Catholicism, all taken from a position of Catholicism being a heresy. The people behind this website are definitely Reformed.

95 Theses | Absolution of Sins | Adoration of the Host | Angelic Messengers | Apocrypha | Apostolic Succession | Authority of Tradition and Fathers | Bearer of the Keys | Beast from the Earth | Beast from the Sea | Binder and Looser on earth and on heaven | Birth of the Roman Catholic Church | Built upon Christ | Catholic | Catholic Baptism Regeneration | Catholic Ceremonies | Catholic Church | Catholic Corruption | Catholic Festivals | Catholic Miracles | Catholic Persecution | Catholic Sacraments | Catholic Scandals | Catholic Trinity | Catholicism against Authority of Scripture | Catholicism against Sola Scriptura | Catholicism and Communism | Catholicism's Mary | Catholicism's Peter | Catholicism's View of Marriage | Celibacy | Charlemagne | Christmas | Clothing and Crowns of Images | Compromise of the Church with Paganism | Confession | Confessional | Confirmation | Confirmer of his brethren | Crossing oneself | Dominus Jesus | Easter | Eucharist | Evangelicals and Catholics Together | Extreme Unction | Fatima | Feast of Assumption | Gates of Hell shall not prevail | Great Red Dragon | High Priest Catholicism | Human Tradition | Idol Procession | Image of the Beast | Images | Indugences | Indulgences | Infallibility of Pope | Infant Baptism | Inquisition | Invalid Popes | Investiture of Peter | Jesus is the Way | Justification by Works | Lamps and Wax-Candles | Legends of Saints | Low Moral Standards | Mary Veneration | Mary Worship | Mass | Mixing Catholicism with Non-Christian Religions | Mother and Child | Mother of the Child | Mysterious Dealings | Mystery of Babylon | Name of the Beast | Names of Blasphemy | Necromancy | Number of Beast's Name | Office of Apostle | One Mediator | Other Mediators | Papacy | Papal Infallibility | Papcy against the Rock | Papcy and Islam | Penance | Peter as first pope | Peter as the Rock | Peter First Pope | Peter ruler of his brethren | Peter's Primacy | Popes | Prayers for the Dead | Prayers to Saints | Priests Monks Nuns | Prince of the Apostles | Relics | Relics Worship | Religious Orders | Rites and Rituals | Rock of the Church | Roman Catholic Church | Rosary | Rosary Prayer beads | Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary | Sacrifice of Christ | Sacrifice of Mass | Saint Peter his Name and his Office | Salvation is not by Works | Scripture and Tradition | Shepherd of the Fold | Sign of the Cross | Sovereign Pontiff | Spirits of Dead Humans | The Good Thief | Tradition | Tradition in the Early Church | Transubstantiation | Vicar of Christ | Visions | Was Peter a Pope | Wide Variety in Catholic Beliefs | Worship of Angels | Worship of Images | Worship of Relics | Worship of Saints | Worship of the Sacred Heart | Wrong Gospel

Index of Articles

• “Dominus Iesus” Index
• James E. McGoldrick
– “Three Principles of Protestantism”
• Richard Bennett
– “From Tradition To Truth” – My Testimony
– “True and False Worship: The Cross and die Mass”
– “ECT: The Biblical Precept for Public Repentance
– “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
– “Papal Pardon or Papal Pride?”
– “Fatima: JPH RCC Contradict Gospel: …”
– “The Anti-Christ Unveiled”
– “Vatican Prepares to Control Through Civil Law”
– ” The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy”
– “The Papacy and Islam”

More Modules from Islam Tag

– “A Summary Chart between Biblical Christianity and Catholicism”
– “Popedom: Its History, Nature and Purpose (2-Part Series)”
– “The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick” – REVISED
– “The Cause of Catholic Scandals and die Sovereignty of God”
– ” The Accomplishments of John Paul II”
– “Papal Rome and the European Union”
– “The Perilous Fondness for die Papacy”
– “The Passion of Christ: Mel Gibson’s Vivid Deception”
– “A New Pope is Elected”
– “Pope Benedict XVI’s god and gospel”
– “Papal Promotion of Collective Ownership and Theft”
– “Pope Benedict’s Denunciation of True Churches Exposes His Own System”
– “History of the Early Church Invalidates Papal Claim of Apostolic Succession”
– “Pope Teaches Counterfeit of Biblical Trinity”
– “John Paul II: Blessed in the Sight of God?”
– Are Catholics Christians?’
– “The International Eucharistic Congress 2012 – Is this a Christian Event?”
– “The Roman Catholic Socialist Agenda”
– “Is the Pope in Jeopardy?”
– “Rome’s Sham Tear of Faith’Unfaithful to Christ and His Gospel”
– “Pope Francis Shows His True Colors”
– “Pope Francis Portrays Himself as a Reformer”
– “Who is the Holy Father?”
-“Do Catholics Possess Life Eternal?”
– “Pope Francis, The Fox”
• Dr. John H. Armstrong
– “Evangelicals and Catholics Together”
– “The Authority of Scripture”
– “A View of Rome” (4-Part Series)
– “Who Really Speaks for God?”
• Dr. John W. Robbins
– “The Gift of Salvation Sh»w, Healing die Wound” (large file)
• Martin Luther
– “The 95 Theses”
• Prof. John Murray
– “Tradition: Romish and Protestant”
• Robert L. Reymond
– “Why Does Rome Teach What It Does About Justification and Salvation?’
• Michael Horton
– “What Still Keeps Us Apart”
• Dr. W. Robert Godfrey
– “What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura?’
• James Henry Thornwell
– “Argument for an Infallihle Body”
• G.C. Berkouwer
– “Unshakable Authority”
• William Webster
– “The Authority of Scripture”
– “The Papacy and the ‘Rock’ of Matthew 16”
– “The Church Fathers’ Interpretation of the Rock of Matthew 16:18”
– “Salvation and die Sacramental System”
– “Rome’s New and Novel Concept of Tradition”
– “The Eucharist”
• Francis Nigel Lee
– “Fifty-Five Theses Against Transubstantiation”
• Colin Maxwell
– “Death Without Purgatory”
• Herman Hegger
– “Light and Life in Christ” – My Testimony
• Maiy C. Hertel
– “The Unsearcheable Ways of God” – My Testimony
• Mary Ann Pakiz
– “God’s Word Needs No Authority Other Than Itself’ – My Testimony

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