Aitken – Devotional Thoughts

Devotional Thoughts by Aitken is many chapter devotional work on various Christian life issues and topics.

Devotional Thoughts by Aitken is many chapter devotional work on various Christian life issues and topics.

By William Hay Macdowall Hunter Aitken

(edited by David Cox)

Contents of Aitken – Devotional Thoughts

Hiding Places
Walking with God
The Eye of God
Jacob’s Struggle for a Blessing
Separation Ending in Union
Three Great Truths Taught by the Passover
Israel’s Deliverance
The World Afraid of God’s People
Anticipations of Faith
The Solitary Sin-Bearer
The Crossing of the Jordan
The Attitude of Reuben
Why Did Dan Remain in Ships
The Men of Keilah
The Atonement a Necessity
The Story of a Great Deliverance
Contenders with God
The Two Ways
A Strange Plea
The Place of Feeling in Religion
Conviction of Sin
Truth in the Inward Parts
The Good of God’s Chosen
The Visit of Salvation
The Little City and the Poor Wise Man
Who was the Speaker
Divine Disappointment
God Employs Various Means in Dealing with Men
The Moral Limits of the Divine Resources
The Circumstances of the Vision
No Heaven Possible to the Uncleansed Man
The Holy One the Purifier
Peace not from Nature, But from God
Holiness, Under the Old Dispensation and Under the New
The Highway of Holiness
A Polished Shaft
A Sharp Sword
What Hast Thou Done?
The Harvest Past
Valiant for the Truth
God Glorified in the Fall of Pride
The Blessing and the Curse
The Cry of the Penitent
Burning the Roll
The Lord is There
The Spiritual Kingdom
The Man Who Failed of His Life’s Purpose
The Valley of Achor
Israel and King Jareb
Self-Destruction, — God Salvation
God’s Call to the Fallen
How to Return to God
The Valley of Decision
Can Two Walk Together, Except They be Agreed?
Lying Vanities
The Goodly Price of Jesus
The Heroism of the Crucified
Glad News
Out of Company with Jesus
The Centurion’s Faith
Young Man, Arise
The Rejection of the Counsel of God by the Pharisees
Free Forgiveness
Various Touches
Self-Seeking Involves a Cross Equally with Self-Abnegation
Rescue the Perishing
The Good Samaritan
Martha; Or, Thoughts on the Active Life
Mary; Or, the Contemplative Life
The Poor Invited to a Feast
The Excuses
The Invitation
A Sinner Brought to His Right Mind
Give Me My Portion
God Allows Man to Use His Independence
The Beginning Starvation
The Far Country
The Madness of Sinners
The Pain of Self-Awakening
The Younger Son and His Demand
Unsatisfied Desires
Where is the Heavenly Kingdom
Enthusiasm Rebuked
The Agony of Sin
The Brazen Serpent
Human Curiosity and Divine Mystery
Bible Study
The Imperilled Condition of the Impenitent Sinner
No Place for the Word
Faith in Christ
Repentance not Mere Sorrow for Sin
Repentance, a Change of Mind
Unworthy of Eternal Life
The Great Question
The Curious Arts
Paul’s Reasonings
The Power of the Gospel Contrasted with Other Theories
The Goodness of God an Inducement to Repentance
Justification by Faith: an Instance Of
Justification More than Forgiveness
Love Commended
The Love of God Commended
Newness of Life
The Christian a Debtor not to the Flesh, But to the Spirit
A Living Sacrifice
The Consecrated Body
Let Us Keep the Feast
Purging Out the Old Leaven
Full Surrender to God
Not Our Own
Savour of Death or of Life
Redemption by the Substitutionary Death of Christ
The Old Gospel and the New
Saved by Grace
Imitators of God
The Fellowship of Christ’s Sufferings
Suffering Working Perfection
The Christian’s Walk and its Object
Grace Our Teacher
Our Teacher’s Mode of Teaching
Peculiar But not Eccentric
The Blessed Hope of Grace
The Denial of Worldly Lust
The Epiphany and Mission of Grace
The Godly Life
The Negative Teaching of Grace
The Practical Result of the Teaching of Grace
The Redemption from Lawlessness
The Righteous Life
The Sober Life
Perfection Through Suffering
Only To-Day is Yours
The Engrafted Word
Forgetful Hearers
St. Paul and St. James on Faith
As and So — the Method of Ministry
The Peril of Worldliness
What Manner of Love
The Trustworthiness of Jesus Christ
Behold, He Cometh
Loss of the First Love
Christ At the Door of the Heart
The Last Great Prayer Meeting
King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
The Opening of the Books
No Temple in Heaven

William Hay MacDowall Hunter Aitken

AITKEN, WILLIAM HAY MACDOWALL HUNTER: Church of England; b. at Liverpool Sept. 21, 1841. He was educated at Wadham College, Oxford (B.A., 1865, M.A., 1867). He was presented to the curacy of St. Jude’s, Mildmay Park, London, in 1865, and was ordained a priest in the following year. From 1871 to 1875 he was incumbent of Christ Church, Liverpool, but resigned to become a mission preacher.[expand title="see more of Biography on Aitken"]

The next year he founded, in memory of his father, Rev. Robert Aitken, the Aitken Memorial Mission Fund, of which he was chosen general superintendent, and which later developed into the Church Parochial Missionary Society. He twice visited the United States on mission tours, first in 1886, when the noonday services for businessmen at Trinity Church, New York, were begun, and again in 1895-96.

Since 1900 he has been canon residentiary of Norwich Cathedral. Two years later he was a member of the Fulham Conference on auricular confession. He has been a member of the Victoria Institute since 1876. In theology, he is a liberal Evangelical but has never been closely identified with any party. He adheres strongly to the doctrines of grace, although he repudiates Calvinism. While not an opponent of higher criticism in itself, he exercises a prudent conservatism in accepting its conclusions. In his eschatology, he is an advocate of the theory of conditional immortality.


His Writings Include

  • Around the cross: some of the first principles of the doctrine of Christ (1844)
  • The Highway of Holiness: helps to the spiritual life (1883)
  • The Divine Ordinance of Prayer (1902)
  • Mission Sermons (3 vols., London, 1875-76)
  • What is faith?
    The School of Grace;
    expository thoughts on Titus 2:11-14 (1879)
  • The Doctrine of Baptism: mechanical and spiritual (1900)
  • The Romance of Christian Work and Experience (1898); 
  • Temptation and toil; sermons on the battle and the work of life (1895); 
  • The difficulties of the soul
  • Hymns for a parochial mission, with accompanying tunes
  • What is your Life?: Missions addresses to young men (1879)
  • The love of the father : sermons on the parable of the prodigal son and other subjects illustrative of the fatherly love of God (1887)
  • The Glory of the Gospel: mission addresses (1882)
  • Hymns for a parochial mission : with accompanying tunes : also short liturgies for mission services
  • Eastertide: thoughts on the passion and resurrection of our Lord (1889)
  • God’s Everlasting Yea (1881)
  • Life, Light, and Love: Studies on the First Epistle of St. John (1905).
  • The Revealer Revealed (1885)
  • Newness of Life (1877)
  • Girls of Yesterday and Today; The Romance of the YMCA   (1911)


See Aitken Online Books Page, see biography of Aitken in Schaff-Herzog.

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