MacDuff, John – Paul Song of Songs – Romans 8

Paul Song of Songs

Paul Song of Songs

ContentsBy John MacDuff

1. Keynote of the Song
2. Song of Victory
3. Dual Strains
4. I shall rise again
5. the Child-song and its Lullaby
6. A Song in the Night
7. The Dirge of Creation
8. An Elegy; or the Harp on the Willows
9. A Song of Hope

10. Broken Harmonies and the Divine Agent in Their Restoration
11. A Lullaby
12. Anthem of the First-born
13. Songs of Degrees
14. Crescendo
15. Paean of Assured Victory
16. Hallelujah Chorus

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MacDuff, John - Paul Song Of Songs - Romans 8 (wlue777) Gbk
MacDuff, John - Paul Song Of Songs - Romans 8 (wlue777) Gbk
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