MacDuff, John – Memories of Bethany


Memories of Bethany
By John MacDuff

To mourners in Zion, with whom Bethany
has ever been a name consecrated to
sorrow, these memories are inscribed.

By John MacDuff

Memories of Bethany

Joh 11:1-45
1. Opening Thoughts
2. The Home Scene
3. Lessons
4. The Messenger
5. The Message
6. The Sleeper
7. Lights and Shadows
8. The Mourner’s Comfort
9. The Mourner’s Creed
10. The Master
11. Second Causes
12. The Weeping Savior
13. The Grave Stone
14. Unbelief
15. The Divine Pleader
16. The Omnipotent Summons
17. The Box of Ointment
18. Palm Branches
19. The Fig Tree

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MacDuff, J.R. - Memories of Bethany
MacDuff, J.R. - Memories of Bethany
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