Meyer, F.B. – Devotional Commentary of Ephesians


REPEATED perusal of the Books of Scripture, and especially of the Epistles, will enable the devout student to detect certain words, which keep recurring, like a note or chord struck repeatedly in a musical composition. One of the most interesting and instructive methods of studying Scripture is with this aim in view. In the present case, it has been applied to the EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS with the following result.

The Epistle to the Ephesians is pre-eminently the Epistle of the Inner Life. It is not astonishing, therefore, to find that its characteristic key-words are also the key-words of the Inner Life. And in proportion as we weave them into the texture of our life, we shall become possessed of the tenderness and strength, the depth of knowledge and height of communion, which have endeared this Epistle to all ages of the church.

It has not been possible, in these narrow limits, to attempt a full Exposition of these marvellous words, aglow with heaven’s altar-flame. But sufficient has been said to show its rich lodes of ore, and their direction, and the method by which they may be carried into currency for daily living.



Meyer, F.B. - Devotional Commentary of Ephesians
Meyer, F.B. - Devotional Commentary of Ephesians
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