William Mason Spiritual Treasury (1 & 2)

Book A Spiritual Treasury is a daily devotional work by WIlliam Mason (Reformed)
Book A Spiritual Treasury is a daily devotional work by William Mason (Reformed)

Two daily devotionals (evening and morning)
by William Mason.

A Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God
Humbly intended to establish the faith, promote
the comfort, and influence the practice—of the
followers of the Lamb
, by William Mason.

William Mason Spiritual Treasury

William Mason (1719 – 29 September 1791) was a Calvinist writer.

Mason was born in Rotherhithe. He wrote a number of very popular Christian books, and was twice briefly editor of The Gospel Magazine, immediately before and immediately after Augustus Montague Toplady.

Other Works

  • The Christian Communicant
  • A commentary on Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, printed as footnotes in some copies of the same as “Mason’s Notes”.
  • The Believer’s Pocket Companion

More Devotional Works

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Mason-w-Spiritual Treasury (volume 1)
Mason-w-Spiritual Treasury (volume 1)
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