Binney - Theological Compend

Binney-Theological Compend

Binney-Steele’s joint doctrinal work has four parts, Evidences of Religion, Doctrines of Christianity, Morals of Christianity, and Institutions of Christianity. Probably they are Nazarene/Methodist.

Binney-Steele’s joint doctrinal work has four parts, Evidences of Religion, Doctrines of Christianity, Morals of Christianity, and Institutions of Christianity. Probably they are Nazarene/Methodist.

Theological Compend

By Amos Binney and Daniel Steele

CONTENTS of Binney – Theological Compend


1. Necessity
2. Revelation, Oral and Written
3. Genuineness and Authenticity
4. Mode of Inspiration

B. The Bible
1. Names and Divisions
2. English Versions–King James
3. The Value of the Bible

1. External, or Historical Evidence
a. Miracles in the Old Testament
b. Miracles in the New Testament
c. Resurrection of Jesus Christ
d. Historical Evidence, Continued
e. External Evidence, Continued

2. Internal Evidence
a. Harmony of its several parts
b. Simplicity of its whole design
c. In harmony with the light of nature.

3. Experimental Evidence

4. Collateral Evidences
a. Influence of the Bible on Character.
b. Homage of Eminent Persons to the Bible
c. Admissions of Skeptics respecting the Bible
d. Remarkable Spread of Christianity
e. Relation of Christianity to Human Progress
Theological Compend



1. Natural Attributes
a. Unity
b. Eternity
c. Omnipresence
d. Omniscience
e. Omnipotence
f. Immutability
g. Invisibility
h. Incomprehensibility

2. Moral Attributes
a. Wisdom
b. Goodness
c. Holiness
d. Justice
e. Mercy
f. Truth
Theological Compend

Attributes | Attributes of God | compassion | Consolation and Strength | Divine Attributes | Divine Love Incarnate | Divine Sovereignity | Eternal Goodness | Eternal Works of God | Eternity of God | Faithfulness of God | Fear of God | Foreknowledge | Foreknowledge of God | God is Eternal | God is Faithful and True | God is Good | God is Holy | God is Immeasurable | God is Just | God is Life | God is love | God is Omnipotent | God is Omnipresent | God is Omniscient | God is Sovereign | God is Spiritual | God is Unique | God of Nature | God's Compassion | God's Personality | God's Protection | God's Sovereignty | Goodness of God | Grace of God | Holiness of God | Immutability of God | Independency of God | Infinity | Infinity of God | Jehovah | Jehovah-Jesus | Jehovah-jireh | Jehovah-Nissi | Jehovah-Ra-ah | Jehovah-Rapha | Jehovah-Shalom | Jehovah-Shammah | Jehovah-Tsidkenu | King of Terrors | Knowledge of God | Life of God | Light of God | Likeness of God | Loftiness of God | Longsuffering of God | Love of God | Love of God to Us | Lovingkindness of God | mercies of God | Mercy of God | Mighty God | Name of God | Names of God | Nature of God | Never Changing One | Omnipotence of God | Omnipresence | Omnipresence of God | Omniscience of God | Paradox of Omnipotence | Patience of God | Peace of God | Perfections of God | Power of God | Providence | Providence of God | Righteousness of God | Simplicity of God | Solitariness of God | Sovereignty | Spirituality of God | Supremacy of God | Tender Mercies | Titles of God | Triune Name | Unity of God | Will of God | Wisdom | Wisdom of God | Wrath of God

1. Analogical Proof
2. Hebraistic Proof
3. Scripture Proof
4. Errors

1. Truly Man Scripture Proof
2. Truly God Scripture Proof
3. God-Man Errors respecting the Person of Jesus Christ & Mediation

1. Errors
2. Personality and Divinity

Advent of the Spirit | Anointing of the Spirit | Anointing Oil | Another Comforter | Baptism of the Spirit | Baptism with Fire | Benefits of Spiritual Baptism | Blaspheming the Spirit | Born of Water and of Spirit | Breath of god | Comforter | Counselor | Defiling the Temple of the Spirit | Deity of the Holy Spirit | Despising the Spirit | Discerning of Spirits | Dispensation of the Holy Spirit | Dove and the Spirit | Earnest | Earnest Desire | Emblems of the Spirit | Filling of Holy Spirit | Filling of the Holy Spirit | First fruits of the Spirit | Fruit of the Spirit | Fruits of the Spirit | full of the Holy Ghost | Full of the Holy Spirit | Full of the Spirit | fulness of the Spirit | Gift of Discernment | Gift of Exhortation | Gift of Faith | Gift of Giving | Gift of Governments | Gift of Healing | Gift of Helps | Gift of Miracles | Gift of Prophecy | Gift of Showing Mercy | Gift of Teaching | Gift of the Spirit | Gift of Tongues | Gifts of the Spirit | Golden lamps | graces of the Spirit | Great Sympathizer | Grieving the Holy Spirit | Grieving the Spirit | Healing | Holy Spirit | Holy Spirit and the Believer's Body | Holy Spirit as a Teacher | Holy Spirit bearing witness to Jesus Christ | Holy Spirit Forming Christ within Us | Holy Spirit Governing from Heaven | Holy Spirit Guiding | Holy Spirit in NT | Holy Spirit in OT | Holy Spirit indwelling | Holy Spirit of Promise | Holy Spirit Sending | Holy Spirit-Regeneration | Holy Spirit's Purpose | Holy Spirits Coming | In Christ | Indwelling of Spirit | Indwelling Spirit | Inheritance | Intercessor | Interpretation of Tongues | Leading of the Holy Spirit | Life more abundantly | Living Waters | Love of the Holy Ghost | Manifestations of the Holy Spirit | Ministry of the Spirit | Miracle | Names of the Holy Spirit | Names of the Spirit | Oil and the Spirit | Olive Trees | Outpouring of the Spirit | Paraclete-Comforter | Person and Work of The Holy Spirit | Person of the Holy Spirit | Plenitude of the Spirit | Prayer in the Spirit | Presidency of the Holy Spirit | Promise of the Holy Spirit | Quenching the Spirit | Receive ye the Holy Spirit | Receiving the Gift of the Spirit | Regenerating work of the Holy Spirit | Resisting the Spirit | Restrainer of Evil | Rivers of Living Water | Sanctifier | Seal | Sealing of the Holy Spirit | Seven Spirits of God | Sin against the Holy Spirit | Speaking in Tongues | Spirit and Faith | Spirit as Fire | Spirit Birth | Spirit filled Church | Spirit of Inspiration | Spirit of Resurrection | Spirit of Truth | Spirit of Wisdom | Spirit-filled Man | Spirit's Testimony to Our Sonship | Spiritual Baptism | Spiritual Gifts | Spiritual Offices | Spiritual Strengthening | Still Small Voice | Sword of the Spirit | Temple of the Holy Spirit | Tempting the Spirit | Tides of the Spirit | Tongues | Valley of Ditches | Well of Water | Word of Faith | Word of Knowledge | Word of Wisdom | Works of the Holy Spirit

1. Their nature, names, and employment
2. Not to be worshiped

1. Their names
2. Their nature and employment

1. Origin and Nature
2. Condition and Fall
3. Free Agency
4. Proofs

1. Definitions and Distinctions
2. Errors respecting the Atonement
3. Benefits of the Atonement


1. Nature
2. Errors
3. Repentance

1. Nature and Necessity
2. Errors

1. Witnessof the Spirit
2. Inferential Evidence


1. Nature
2. Attainable before Death
3. Errors


1. Death
2. Intermediate State
a. Of the Righteous
b. Of the Wicked
3. Messiahs Kingdom–Its Progress and Ultimate Triumph
4. The Second Advent of Christ
5. The General Resurrection
6. The General Judgment
7. Heaven
8. Hell
Theological Compend



1. Internal
a. Submission to God
b. Love to God
c. Trust in God
d. Fear of God
Public and Social Worship and Prayer…
a. Mental Prayer
b. Private Prayer Family Prayer
d. Public and Social Prayer
1. Prohibition of Unholy Dispositions
2. Prohibition of Unjust Acts
3. Requirement of Hoiy Dispositions
4. Requirement of Just and Kind Acts
5. Duties to Particular Classes
1. Self-Defense
2. Self-Preservation
3. Self-Control
4. Sell-Culture
Theological Compend


1. Baptism
2. The Lords Supper
Woman’s Sphere in the Church

A Soldier's Training | Among the Candlestick | Amusement | Amusements | Anecdotes and Illustrations | Articles | Assembly of the Living God | Attending Church | Baptism | Baptism that Saves | Baptism what saith the Scripture | Beginning of the Church | Body of Christ | Camp Meetings | Candidate Committee | Changes in Environment | Christ's Body | Christ's Flock | Christ's sheep | Christian Biography | Church | Church at Antioch | Church Attendance | Church Censures | Church Decay and Disorder | Church Discipline | Church Growth | Church History | Church in Glory | Church Loyalty | Church--Its Purity | Church's Purpose | Come after me | Communion | communion of the saints | Covenant | Day of Pentecost | Deacon | Definition of Church | Discipleship | Discipline | Dispensation | dispensationalism | Duty of Baptists | Duty to Government | Ecclesiastical Ministry | Ecclesiology | Effectual Call | Emerging Church | Erasmus | Father's House | Feed my Sheep | Fellowship | | Footwashing not an Ordinance | God's Spiritual House | Gospel of Salvation | Government | Government of Church | Holy Supper | House of God | I will build my church | Ideal Church | Illustrations | Is the Church the Bride of the Lamb? | Is the Union of all Churches desireable | Local Church | Lord's Day | Lord's Supper | Love to the Brethren | Lovest thou Me? | Masters and Servants | Meaning of Baptism | Members | Membership | Messenger | Ministerial Office | Ministers | Ministry | Mission | Mission of the Church | Missionary | Missions | Music | Name of Church | Nature of the Gathering | Nicene Fathers | Obedience to Pastors | On Discerning who belongs to the True Church | On Vows | Order of Preaching Worship Edification | Organization of Church | Pastor | Pastoral Candidate | Pastoral Changes | Persecution of Church | Praise | Preacher | Preaching | Public Worship | Pure Preaching of the Word | Purpose of Church Membership | Purpose of the Church | Relationship to Church | Rules and Subjects | Sabbath | Sabbath Day | Sacramentalism | Sacraments | Saints in Heaven | Salty Preaching | Service | Soulwinning | Spread of the Gospel | Sunday School | Teacher | Thirty Nine Articles | Union of Christians | Unity of Saints | Universal Church | Visible Church | Visiting the Sick | Washing feet | Water baptism | Weak Brethren | What is a Church | What is the Church? | Witnesses against Sin | Witnesses for God | Work of Missions | Worship | Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Theological Compend


Binney-Theological Compend
Binney-Theological Compend
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