Abbott, Jacob – Gentle Child Training

A work for Christians on how to train their children, but in a gentle way.

A work for Christians on how to train their children, but in a gentle way.

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Contents of Gentle Child Training

Section 1

1. Three Modes of Management
2. What Are Gentle Measures
3. There must Be Authority
4. Gentle Punishment of Disobedience
5. The Philosophy of Punishment

Section 2

6. Rewarding Obedience
7. The Art of Training
8. Methods Exemplified
9. Della and the Dolls
10. Sympathy—the Child with the Parent
11. Sympathy—the Parent with the Child

Section 3

12. Commendation and Encouragement
13. Page Faults of Immaturity
14. The Activity of Children
15. The Imagination in Children
16. Truth and Falsehood
17. Judgment and Reasoning
18. Wishes and Requests

Section 4

19. Children’s Questions
20. The Use of Money
21. Corporal Punishment
22. Gratitude in Children
23. Religious Training
24. Conclusion

Child Training

The disciplining of a child is a very important topic in the Bible. God desires that his children, train up their children in the way of the Lord.

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Abbott-Gentle Child Training
Abbott-Gentle Child Training
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