Sprague, William – Lectures to Young People

Table of Contents

Lectures to Young People

William B. Sprague, 1830

Contents of Lectures to Young People

Preface and Introductory Address
1. Importance of the Period of Youth
2. The danger of Evil Company
3. The danger of Evil Instruction
4. The danger of a Life of Pleasure
5. Regard to the Favor of the World
6. True Religion an All-Pervading Principle
7. Persuasive to True Religion
8. Excuses for the Neglect of True Religion
9. Awaking to True Religion
10. Embracing True Religion
11. Evidence of True Religion
12. Defense Against Temptation
13. Christian Decision
14. Growth in Grace
15. Doing Good
16. The Young Christian’s Course

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Sprague, W. - Lectures To Young People
Sprague, W. - Lectures To Young People
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Sprague, W. - Lectures To Young People
Sprague, W. - Lectures To Young People
Version: 1
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